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The Coldest Water Bottle is absolutely amazing.  These bottles definitely keep water (or other beverages) cold for up to 36 hours.




I actually have both the black bottle and the pink tumbler.  The black bottle I use for water and iced tea.  I absolutely love filling it before bed and having it still be ice cold when I wake in the morning.




I have renauds disease so it is very important to me for the outside of the bottle/tumbler to remain room temperature and not get cold or sweat.  These achieve that perfectly.




We also camp for 6 months a year and yes, even in New England we are in the pools in October because they are heated just enough to be comfortable.


They are a small start-up, founded in Naples, Florida!  They believe in owning one bottle, to last you a very long time, while staying cold longer than any other bottle.

All of their products are designed, developed and built with extreme durability and coldness in mind. They use science + advanced manufacturing techniques, the highest quality materials, and continually test to improve the coldness every day.



My absolute favorite way to use the pink tumbler is to make a smoothie before work.  This smoothie stays ice cold all the way through lunch time (probably longer if I let it).  I loves smoothies for lunch but definitely cannot use a blender in quiet offices.  But I don’t need to because even at lunch time my smoothies are just as delicious as the second I first make them!  Do you realize how much money that saves me?  HUGE BUCKS!


Right now you can get the Coldest Water Bottle products HERE.


They are also available on Amazon HERE.


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