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Wasserstein Handbag Light is Lifesaving! #handbaglight



Do you suffer from any type of medical condition?  I do and I can easily go without having an issue for long periods of time.  But when I am having an issue – I need the emergency items that are in my handbag and I need them fast.  In the meantime – my bag gets more and more full of stuff making it very difficult to find my inhaler or epipen in a time of crisis.  This is a REAL STRUGGLE!




The Wasserstein Handbag Light is absolutely essential for me.  It is a handbag light – not your ordinary light.  It is motion activated – not buttons, no switch, no tapping.  As soon as I open my bag I can see anything and everything.  I am no longer blindly feeling through my bag for whatever I can find.




The light is not even noticeable when my bag is closed –  it is so lightweight.  But as soon as I open my bag everything becomes immediately clear.  It does have two batteries in it – it is not disposable and it should last for quite a long time.

Wasserstein also has this awesome tassle that I can use for my purse – at first glance it is just a tassle.  But inside is a USB charging cable with a lightning and micro USB cable.  This is so incredibly convenient – I always have just the right charger with me!  I am never without the ability to charge my phone or other device such as my bluetooth speaker.






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