Hair Tie Bracelet By Indi #hairtiebraceletsbyIndi



I almost always put my hair up in some manner.  But the hair elastics have a way of hiding from me every single time!  I spend more money each month on hair elastics than most people can possibly even imagine.  I seriously don’t know where they all end up.




I have resorted to wearing the hair elastics as a bracelet but they really aren’t that comfortable.  Inevitably I take the elastics off my wrist because they are uncomfortable and then I no longer have an elastic.




Now I have found this Hair Tie Bracelet by Indi and it easily slips on my wrist, the hair elastics are held snugly on the bracelet and I am not longer uncomfortable.  This is a really nice bracelet made of 100% aluminum.  I have the black bracelet and you can see in the photos that I have a grey elastic on it – matches my other wrist accessories perfectly.




The aluminum is anodized to protect from scratching.  I don’t have a metal allergy but if I did, this would protect me.  Now I always have a hair elastic on me and it is comfortable and stylish.


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