Custom Oil Paintings #instapainting

Have you ever really wanted an oil painting?  Then InstaPainting is for you! What do they do? They create custom oil paintings directly from independent artists.  All you need to do is send in a photo you’d like painted.  That photo is then completely hand-painted, on canvas, with real paint (or pencil, watercolor, depending on the medium requested) by a real artist.

I had this awesome photo of my son and our new horses…


But I really didn’t care for the scenery.  InstaPainting dealt with this issue perfectly.  I also sent them a photo of a barn that I liked. First, they did a rough Photoshop edit by changing the background to the barn.  It was a rough edit – just enough for me to know they understood what I was looking for.


So we went from this…


To this…


The process was amazing.  The artist contacted me through ever single step of the process.  Through every edit that was made, each step of the painting process, the frame selection, shipping and more.  The process was very simple, communication thorough and I can tell you I am absolutely in love with the final result!

Another option for an artist is Botto who is a decentralized artist who bases his art on community feedback.

You can see some other pet paintings, children, or even wedding portraits.

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