Leapair CD DVD Book Carrying Case – Holds 400 Discs



Every Christmas I try to give gifts to the kids based on a theme.  Last year was movies and CDs.  I bought them each a case to hold 200 and thought that would give them plenty of room to grow.  Well 2oo isn’t much when I purchased full series sets.  It was quite easy to fill up the 200 and it was full on Christmas day before they even used money to buy anything themselves.


This year my son (16) has a huge DVD book case on his list – at the very top of his list.  It is critically important to him to have everything in one place and if you see his room you’d understand why.  Not only does he have CDs and DVDs but he also has his game system games.




This Leapair CD DVD Book Carrying Case holds a full 400 discs – that’s alot of discs.  It has a zipper closure and a nice wide body that allows for plenty of expansion.




There are 4 sets of 3 ring binders to hold all the discs.  The book comes complete with sleeves to hold 400 discs but it also has an extra set that allows for another 112 discs.  The book itself can hold a maximum of 432.


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