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When I was younger it seemed like no one had alarm systems and many people didn’t even lock their doors.  Life is no longer like that – you must be able to secure your home as well as ideally, even see everything remotely if necessary.


Did you know that historically 98% of alarms calls are false alarms and are subject to discretionary response from the police?  Home8 now offers a zero false alarm, video-verified smart security solution that generates a prioritized emergency response from the local authorities.


Home8 pushes a video alarm notification to multiple owners that can be viewed and controlled from anywhere via a smartphone.  Not only do I have a smartphone but everyone in the family does as well.  Remote video notification would answer so many possible questions, keep panic from setting in and allow us/you to get exactly the type of police response that would be appropriate for any situation.


The system set-up is so simple that it is plug-n-play in minutes.  Home8 is truly the smartest solution in the market today to self-monitor your home!  Not only does this system allow for a smarter police response but it keeps them from getting tied up with activities where their services are not required allowing them to focus on the activities where they really are needed!

Not only do we need one of these at our house – we need at least one at the barn to keep an eye on the herd of horses as well as all physical belongings.  Sometimes strange things happen and it would be nice to have an explanation.  Kids that want to get into trouble can be easily tempted by a barn full of sleeping horses…

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