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Favorite Ways To Spend A Lazy Day

This is such an intriguing topic.  I really don’t ever get a lazy day – an hour on rare occasion but never a full day unless I am very very sick then all options are out.  But a girl can dream…


So what are my favorite ways I would love to spend a lazy day?


Hanging out at the beach with the family… The beach would not be a touristy beach – just a place to enjoy all that life has to offer.  And where can I find such a place?  Pine Point Beach in Scarborough Maine…





What about hanging out at the campground – preferably just hanging out by the fire or just hanging around at the campground reading a book.  No screaming or yelling kids and lots of fresh air.




And not that I watch a ton of tv because I definitely don’t.  But if I had time to have a lazy day – a great option would be to binge watch some new and exciting shows.  Perhaps something like Stranger Things on Amazon…




And lastly, I wouldn’t exactly call it a lazy day but I would love to spend the day with our horses.  Preferably a day with perfect 75 degree weather.  Not that isn’t exactly lazy because I would need to do my chores first but THEN – simply spending time bonding with our horses with no training, no requirements – just hanging out with them…




What does a lazy day look like for you?

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