5 Great House Rental Options For Surfers in Bali


Located at the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali Island is home to majestic white sand beaches and cliff formations, diverse tropical rainforests, towering volcanoes, vast terraced rice fields, pristine blue waters, and picturesque sunset sceneries.


At the center of the districts, you will find a wide selection of sumptuous restaurants, crafts and furniture shops, luxury spas, lively bars and clubs, and great shopping stores. The tropical paradise island is also known for some of the best surfing spots in the world. Professional surfers can explore the beaches of Uluwatu, Suluban, Pererenan, Bingin, and Padang-Padang while intermediate and novice surfers can try the beaches of Medewi, Kuta, Seminyak, and much more.


If you are planning a holiday trip to Bali and you want to experience the most out of what the waves can offer, then you need to find the best rest houses on the island. Here are 5 great house rental options for surfers in Bali selected based on their proximity to ideal surfing spots, quality of service, and aesthetics.


  1. Villa Impossibles


Villa Impossibles in Bali is a six-bedroom villa resting at the bottom of the cliffs in Bukit Peninsula. It boasts a marvelous, uninterrupted view of the Indian Ocean and extensive coastlines that get even more romantic during sunset. Three surfing areas, namely Uluwatu, Impossibles, and Padang-Padang are easily accessible from the villa. The wonderful combination of Balinese workmanship and western architecture makes Villa Impossibles a popular choice among tourists.


  1. Balian Villa


Balian Villa has a three-bedroom main villa and a one-bedroom guesthouse which you can rent individually depending on the size of your group. The resort is just next to the famous A-frame river mouth breaks which are consistent all year round. Medewi Beach, known for its large swells, is just a 30-minute drive from the villa. The bedrooms also have a nice view of the ocean and Balian River.


  1. Seminyak Deluxe Villa


Seminyak Deluxe Villa is located at the heart of the Kuta suburbs. The peaceful and well-designed villa is near the Gado Gado Beach and features some of the best restaurants and shopping establishments on the island. You will be accompanied by a guide on a surfing tour twice a day. Each surfing lesson is specifically tailored to your skill level.


  1. Villa Karang Putih


Nestled on top of the cliff at the southern tip of Bukit Peninsula, Villa Karang Putih is one of the best places to enjoy the majestic landscape of the island. The three-bedroom villa has its own sparkling pool and outdoor living room with a perfect view of Pandawa Beach. Villa Karang Putih’s strategic location near world-class surfing spots of Pandawa and Greenbowl makes it a popular choice among surfers.


  1. Villa Puri Awani


Villa Puri Awani is one of the four luxurious guesthouses of the Anapuri Villas resort. The four bedroom villa is built on the stable grounds at the beachfront; providing a wonderful view of the crashing waves, allowing the cool and gentle breeze to blow in. Enjoy the waves at the nearby Ketewel Beach or visit the world-class Keramas surf breaks, only a short drive from Villa Puri Awani. Upon returning, indulge in mouthwatering grilled fresh seafood and other authentic Balinese dishes.

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    Thank you for the ideas. In fact, there are plenty of cheap accommodations and close to the beach, which can be ideal options for every surfer. Although I prefer to go a little deeper into the island and find a good bungalow where it will be convenient to store all my surf equipment that I bought from the site https://easy-surfshop.com/ and where it is easy to get to local cafes

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