Guide To Win Online Voting Contests

Many of us have been in an online voting contest that we’ve lost. It doesn’t feel good to lose, and it would be nice to feel vindicated by winning a different competition. However, it can be difficult to win online voting contests. The competition can be immense, and you need to do everything you can to win votes. Here’s a guide on how to win online voting contests.

Smartly Dedicate Your Time

To win online voting contests, you have to get serious about it. Dedicate a certain amount of time everything single day to focus on getting votes. While it may be tempting to do other things during this time, you need to dedicate time to get votes.

Treat this time as being of the utmost importance, and don’t do anything except focus on getting votes. Even if it’s tempting, don’t just brush off this time to do something else that you think is important. You need to focus all of your time and energy on getting votes, even if it’s just for 20 minutes once a day.

Try Different Methods to Get Votes Effectively

There are a lot of ways to get votes for online voting contests. You need to try many different tactics to get votes.

A popular way to get others to vote for you is to reach out through your social media pages. Make a post on sites like Facebook or Twitter that lets others know that you are in a contest and you’d appreciate their votes.

Make sure you include a link where they can vote as well. You should also send out an email to those in your contacts and let them know about the contest and how they can vote for you.

Do you have a popular fan page with more fans?


If your answer is yes, you can share your contest details with your fans to increase votes.

Online forums also might be a good way to get votes. Many times others will vote for you if you vote for them in a contest. Just make sure you aren’t too aggressive and that you actually do vote for them.

When you search for the best online forum, you should keep in remember the following two factors.

  1. Check the number of active forum threads.

The forums that have many conversions in threads indicate that this is a handy place to get answered, noticed by its members.

  1. Check the traffic source.

To check the traffic source, you can use sites like similarweb. It gives clear data about which are the main traffic sources a site has. Using this, you can check the targeted traffic is your niche, your country or not.

If all else fails, you can buy votes. Many sites are dedicated just to those wishing to buy votes for a contest. One of the useful sites is Vapulsemedia which offers votes from $10 only. Just make sure that it’s not against the rules of the online voting contest.

Post It on Your Blog or Website

As many people do, if you have a blog, then post information about the contest on the blog. Many of your followers would be more than willing to vote for you if they know how to. Try to make it interesting by posting information about what you could win and why you want to win the contest. Try to make it fun for readers by having a contest of some sort.

After the vote for you, ask them to screenshot a picture of the confirmation page that they voted for and send it to you to enter them in the contest you are holding. While it’s not necessary to hold your own contest, it might make your readers more likely to vote for you if there is a chance that they could win something as well.

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