I Like Dreaming…

My bags were packed, the tickets were bought, and I was sipping the last bits of my tea from my only cup that had not been shipped to my waiting home in Ireland. To keep my mind busy and the butterflies from flying away in my stomach I pulled up my dream home online – we will build our dream home one log at a time. I love the idea of custom designing every single feature. From the size of my home, how many rooms, type of windows, whether I wanted single or double doors.



Log cabins have always held a soft spot in my heart.  These are happy memories from my childhood and I want to go with the best.  I will choose a company that has pride in their work, whom employs only the most outstanding in-house sales associates, designers, architects and project managers. A company that can provide a long list of over 1000 happy homeowners from over 20 countries within the European Union.


Setting down my cup I reached my arms behind my head and stretched with happy contentment. This time tomorrow I would be in my new home made specifically for the gorgeous land that is Ireland. Starting my new life and the beginning of making all my dreams come true.  The last thing I need to do – the time has arrived…  I stood, walked to the sink, rinsed and dried my “I love my pups” mug, and tucked it safely into the suit case before popping up the handle and walking out the door for the last time…


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