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3 Things You Can Expect When Staying in a Luxury Hotel Room

When booking a fancy hotel that costs a great deal of money per night, you are sure to have high expectations of the accommodations you can expect from Luxury Rooms. Certainly, if you are paying several hundred or even thousands of dollars per night, you will want to have an experience that parallels the money spent. This article will discuss some things that you can expect when staying in a luxury hotel room.

1. Outstanding service. If you have booked your holiday stay in a five-star, high-end resort, you can expect to have amazing service from the second you step foot on the property. The bell desk staff and door greeters should welcome you will a smile and offer you a beverage while checking in. Some places offer a glass of water with a splash of lemon or cucumber while others offer champagne. While checking in to the hotel, a bell staff member should offer to take your luggage up to your room. Once you get to your room, you should be greeted with crisp, white linens, and a clean room that smells fresh and has a great view of the surrounding city, skyline, or water. Every aspect of your stay should be handled with care and ease and the staff should go out of their way to try to assist you.

2. Delicious food. The luxury hotels in Mallorca should have at least one dining establishment. The food should be prepared well and taste delicious. The price point is likely to mirror that of your accommodations so you should expect to receive your food cooked just the way you ordered it and be presented in a beautiful manner. In addition, it is likely that the wait staff will be extremely attentive and there may even be live music playing. It is unlikely that there are dinner or drink specials so save yourself the embarrassment and avoid asking the waiter. The restaurant will likely have a dress code and may also require reservations. Be sure to look into this ahead of time so that you are not embarrassed if you are turned away by the Maitre D for not being dressed appropriately or not having reservations.

If you choose to stay in one evening or enjoy breakfast in bed, the hotel should have a plentiful room service menu. The food should arrive on a silver cart with lovely linens, fresh flowers, and your meal.

 3. Housekeeping and turn-down service. Lovely hotels that offer higher-end accommodations are likely to also offer housekeeping that is attentive and checks on your room several times a day. It is not out of the ordinary for a housekeeper to check your room more than once a day and make sure that it is tidy and that the bed is made and the linens have been replenished. It is also customary for finer hotels to have staff come to your room in the evening and turn down the sheets and blankets on your bed and leave a chocolate on your pillow. This is inviting when you come back from a lovely evening out on the town to see that your bed is waiting for you.

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