5 Ways Smartphones Can Increase Your Productivity

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Did you know that your smartphone is your ultimate productivity hacker? There are so many ways that your smartphone can help increase your productivity and help you get more of the work that you need to get done, done. Even though a lot of people say that smartphones are super distracting and that they are actually cutting down on our productivity levels, don’t listen to them! There are so many positive aspects of having a smartphone in your life. So make sure to get your smartphone at the ready and to remember these ways that they can help you increase your productivity.


  1. You Are Able to Cut Down on Travel Time

When you have the world at your fingertips, you are going to be able to seriously cut down on your travel time. Using Google or Apple Maps, you can easily see the fastest way to get to your destination. These apps are even going to tell you when there is heavy traffic on the road! That way, if there is going to heavy traffic going to work in the morning, you can take a faster route that’s going to get you there faster. Then, you will be able to start your work and not worry about being late to the office or wherever you are going.


  1. You Can Collaborate with All of Your Business Partners

With the rise of smartphones in our business world, we can now collaborate with whoever we want, whenever we want. This is going to seriously increase your productivity at work. And it’s been shown that those people who strongly collaborate with business partners and other employees are more productive and get more ideas flowing than those who work on their own. You can pull up Google Docs and jot down some brainstorming ideas that you came up with your colleagues in Australia, for example.


  1. You Can Reach Anyone You Want, Whenever You Want

Whenever you want to reach someone, why would you try to find them physically, when you can just talk to them over the phone? Or you can reach them on Facebook Messenger or on any other number of social media networks! When you can reach anyone, you want in the world, this is going to seriously cut down on the amount of time that you might spend looking for them.


For example, if you have a colleague in your office building that you really need to speak to, you can just shoot them a text and tell them to come to your office.


  1. You Can Check Your Emails Wherever You Are

Emails are one of the most time-consuming things that we have in our lives. You could spend hours just going through your emails at one period of the day. However, with your smartphone, you can now check your emails wherever you are! If you are on the train going to work, you can quickly use that time to check your emails and shoot some more off. However, make sure that you get your phone a good quality case so that if you drop your phone while checking emails, it won’t be completely smashed!


  1. You Can Store All of Your Documents on The Cloud

And lastly, with a smartphone, you have the opportunity to store all of your documents in the cloud for whenever you need them. If you don’t have access to the physical documents, you can cut down on the time spent searching for them by just pulling them up on your smartphone. So, make sure you always scan important documents to store them on your cloud to cut down on time and increase your productivity.


Everyone wants to be more productive. And with the help of your smartphone, you can achieve that easily! Just keep the above ways in mind and use them to help your productivity levels rise.


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