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The Nectar Mattress – A New Definition of Comfort

Good morning – oh yes, it is truly a good morning.  My husband and I have finally had a really nice night’s sleep.  Summer is here and sleeping has been fitful for some time, it has just been too hot to be comfortable.  Then there is the mattress struggle as it exists all the time – my husband prefers a really firm mattress while I prefer one that is much more cushy…

We have been given the amazing opportunity to experience the new Nectar Mattress!  We requested a mattress for our spare bedroom but now I know I will be ordering one for our bedroom too!  AND perhaps even the mattress in our camper – I hate that camper mattress and will be so happy to see it gone.

What is so great about the Nectar Mattress? There are so many benefits of Nectar Sleep. Before we even slept on it, we did do some research and read a few reviews. So let me tell you what I experienced when I slept on it.


We slept on the mattress for the first time last night and that cooling cover was amazing – no more tossing and turning from being too hot all night long.  The gel memory foam allows my hips to not hurt and my husbands back to not hurt.  The breathing base layer is the perfect foundation and this mattress is very tall!  The quilted gel memory foam adds more height and provides even greater contouring to our bodies and the adaptive hi core memory foam not only supports our bodies but allows for rebounding and bounce – it recovers from every time we lay on it.

Order your Nectar Mattress NOW 

The mattress arrives very well protected.  It is vacuum packed and flattened out and rolled up.  So what we received was like a big tootsie roll.

It arrived on the only day it was pouring rain and the mattress was very well protected – there are several layers of covering.

Once we peeled away the blue layer – there is a duffle bag type of cover for the mattress.  I think the intent is to make the mattress more portable though I really don’t know how that mattress will ever get back into that bag.  This mattress is very very heavy.  The kids and I had to carry it to the third floor.  I didn’t realize there was actually a duffle style bag under that blue wrapping – in hindsight I should have taken the blue wrapping off and the kids and I could have used the duffle handles to bring the mattress up.

The duffle zips fully across the top and down one end allowing for easy removal of the mattress.

Order your Nectar Mattress NOW 

The Nectar Mattress is sealed in plastic – as soon as that seal is opened, the mattress will immediately start filling up with air and expanding.  I was starting to take a video but then the mattress was far too quick for me since I didn’t have a second person with me.  Once it expands there is no second opportunity to get a video…

They describe the mattress as medium/firm and I find that assessment to be quite accurate – this is exactly the reason my husband and I both love it.  We actually have the Nectar Mattress on top of not only the box spring but also the “old” mattress on the bed frame.  We may remove the old mattress but we like the additional height.  The Nectar Mattress is taller than any mattress we have but the bed was a very low bed so we welcome the added height of all together.

Order your Nectar Mattress NOW 

The Nectar Mattress is guaranteed forever – as long as you own the mattress.  They even give you 365 days as a trial for your mattress – I have never heard of such a long trial and they offer it with every purchase.

Right now they are offering a $125 discount on their mattress and the addition of two free memory foam pillows with code SHOP125 (through September 15th)!  And they always offer free shipping and even free returns (though I can’t imagine returning this).

Order your Nectar Mattress NOW 

Should you have any questions you can ask on their site or you can comment here and I can research the answers for you.

I received payment, product(s) or services in exchange for an honest opinion.  I only recommend products or services I use personally and/or I believe would be helpful for my readers.  The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.  Your experience with the product(s) or service(s) may differ from mine.




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