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Epilation: An Effective and Easy Way to Remove Hair

Many women everyday take part in the almost daily tasks of shaving their legs.  They also realize that even thought shaving is fairly quick and easy, it will result in stubble on their legs often times within a couple of days.  So they proceed to shave again, and realize this time spent shaving is adding up to a lot of time spent in the bathroom just in order to keep your legs smooth.

Fortunately, there are a few alternatives to doing this task every other day. For instance, you can visit the salon or perform your own wax at home.  Waxing gives terrific results, however visiting a salon will make your pockets a bit lighter each time and waxing at home is still very often time consuming.

Women who choose to use an epilator realize that the process of hair removal has now been made easy and quick and gives very similar results compared to waxing. Although epilators come with full instructions, many women will find that researching how to properly use one very helpful and they know what to expect. Here we will provide some tips on how to use an epilator as well as reduce discomfort effects that is associated with using one.

By choosing to use an epilator, it will certainly will mean your skin stays hair free and smooth for up to 4 weeks at a time and your hair will grow back much thinner and softer.

Here are 7 tips on how to use an epilator and extract the most benefits from using one.

7 Top Tips When Using and Epilator

  1. Epilation may hurt a little bit if it’s the very first time you are using one so it is best to start by removing the finer hairs from the most un-sensitive parts of the body first. For example, removing hair from your legs is less painful that removing it from your armpits. So start with your legs which have finer hair, because it is easier to remove. Keep in mind that epilators can remove hairs as short as 0.5mm that wax cannot remove.  The good news is that re-growth hair becomes finer, so using an epilator should become easier with time.
  2.  If you can take a warm bath or shower before you begin using the epilator to remove your hair, the warm water will open your pores and prepare your skin, which makes it easy to remove your hairs. Make sure to dry your body after your bath or shower because many epilators don’t work  as great on wet skin.  Never apply lotion which will make your skin greasy and this also hinders the positive effects of an epilator not allowing the epilator to pull on the hairs.
  3. Always start the lowest speed when first using the epilator. If you set it on high speed immediately, it won’t have the times to pull out all the hairs. When you set it to high speed, the epilator will break the thicker hairs with ease so just adjust the epilator accordingly as you see results. If hairs break, you need to go a little slower for the best results.
  4.  During the use of the epilator, pull your skin tightly with your opposite hand that is holding the epilator. Stretch out some areas of your skin that you are epilating and this will help the epilator to do a good job. Gently place the head of the epilator on your skin but don’t over exert yourself applying too much pressure. Although you should make sure to read instructions with your specific epilator because some epilators work better when you move the head around in small circles and some work best by simply passing the head over your skin.
  5. Plan for your hair removal epilation ahead of time. If you have a low pain tolerance level, even the best epilators can feel like a burden. Make sure to spread your hair removal sessions out over a few nights instead of suffering all in one day.
  6. Sometimes mild skin irritations can occur after using the epilator which is actually pretty normal. To lessen this make sure to dab your skin with a body toner or mineral oil after epilating. This will encourage your reddened pores to heal and close. Applying a mild cooling body lotion will also lessen the irritation that you may feel. Because of this it is usually recommend to use the epilator in the evening to give the red blotches and bumps the opportunity to disappear overnight. The mild irritation should also disappear after a good night’s rest.
  7.  Exfoliate! For the next few days after your use the epilator, be  sure to exfoliate your skin everyday with a body scrub or coarse loofah. This will rub away dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs. Even though at first it sometimes is uncomfortable using an epilator, your skin generally gets completely used to this method of hair removal after 2 or 3 times of use.

You should also know that each hair removal epilator will come with its own full instructions that you should follow for top results. It’s not only important to know how to use an epilator, just remember to use it in the evening after a hot bath, start on low speed on sensitive areas first and make sure to exfoliate the days after your hair removal epilation for the best results. Check out for more tips, reviews and best of when it comes to epilators.




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