5 Restaurants You Should Definitely Try When Ordering Food

When people dine-in at a restaurant, they want a great experience and the service is expected to be superb. When people order take out food, they expect the same thing. In fact, it’s when the customer takes the food home that it should be the utmost perfect take-out meal as well. If it’s less than what was expected at home or the restaurant, the kitchen or restaurant manager may be getting a phone call.  Some of the experience depends upon the promotion ideas for restaurant – how popular can we make it!

Various encounters of different foods with different flavors are said to be from several authentic restaurants in the area. In fact, here’s a few worth ordering from. Try something different and explore the menu at these 5 restaurants you should definitely try when ordering food

1. Rowtisserie

This Middle Eastern restaurant is known for their grilled chicken. Therefore, when you go there or order from the Rotisserie, you must try the grilled chicken. Beverages and desserts are naturally on the menu, but what seems to be the delights are the starters. There are so many dishes, but what has been said is that the orders are “spot on.” Try the curly fries, or the “mezze platter” which contains, pita bread and grilled chicken, mutabbal, pickles, tabbouleh, feta cheese, and olives, just to name a few ingredients. The Rotisserie chicken can be order in quarters or full. The traditional ‘old school’ club sandwich and burgers are available off the menu, and various sides and sauces. The dessert such as the Bread and Butter pudding or the Double Chocolate tart has been reviewed as excellent. They are also known for their hot beverages such as the tea and the cappuccinos and their espressos.

2. Top Prata Palace

This Singaporean restaurant seems to cook from the heart. With soup galore (mixed, chicken chop bone, …etc.) and the Mixed Goreng which is topped with an extra egg if requested plus the Mee Goreng Mutton or the Mutton Briyani or even the all the Soup are said to be something that should be ordered more than once. With any food at any restaurant, you know that the chefs or the cooks put their heart and soul into their techniques and their methods of cooking cuisine and with this restaurant, reviewers agree that they do this with all their main dishes.

3. The Food Centre in Clifton

The Food Centre in Clifton caters to those who like Pakistani food or Singaporean cuisine. Open daily, this authentic restaurant has some special meals off the menu that everyone should try at least once. If you like meat, veggies, and rice, spice and flavors, then you’ll love this food. Some reviews have said that the “Singaporean rice” is one of the best in the Clifton area. The Food Centre in Clifton is one to try out the next time you and your family go out to eat. It has the pros and the cons like any other restaurant on the map worldwide. The main thing here is that it’s authentic food like the tasty beef biryani raita which is said to be good by multiple restaurant goers who have been there. They have soups, salads, Chinese cuisine, Continental, Sea Food, Fast Food, Pakistani cuisine, BBQ, Tandoor, Desserts, and various beverages. The menu shows a variety. In addition, the Chicken burgers and fries are served to everyone’s liking, along with the Chicken Manchurian and the Chow Mein which are some popular dishes to order.

4. Shi Kou Seafood

This mind-blowing restaurant is awesome because of the menu. As reviewers say, it’s amazing because of the variety and the freshness of certain foods on the menu. It’s affordable and the seafood is great! Try the Hong Kong Fried Noodles with the Hot Plate Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion and you’ll be floating on a cloud. It’s tasty and it’s considered some of the faves. Another different item if you’ve never had this type of food here is the Oyster Omelets which has every aspect of the best in seafood taste. You’ll realize what you’ve been missing with any item on the menu. If you are traveling through the city, try it out. There’s plenty of rice, chicken ribs, and various sides, and beverages as well. You will not be disappointed when you order.

5. Saigon Food Street

The healthy sandwiches are Vietnamese based and can be ordered to go. There are various sandwiches and salads, but the favorite it seems is the Pho Beef and Pho Chicken. In addition to the favorite dishes are the Viet Mango Salad, and the soups. Not bad in price either when you order the Viet Porridge with Duck and white cabbage. This includes the salad. If you feel you can’t eat too heavy then try out the Sandwiches which is something they are known for because of the healthy aspects. The Banh Mi Chicken sandwich or the Mi Pork sandwich will be a delight to eat for lunch. The Saigon Food Street is well known for the snacks and street styled food as well.

 Finally, you might as well order something special when ordering food from a restaurant, whether it’s dine-in or take-out. But, try not to go to the same restaurant all the time and don’t order the same thing over and over again when you do go to your favorite restaurant.

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