Introducing Series 5 Whiffer Sniffers – Unique, Fun and Affordable

Looking for a really cute gift for the Holidays?  Look no further than Whiffer Sniffers!  This is perfect for kids of all ages – a great way for a child to express their own personalities.  They look great and smell terrific.  These Whiffer Sniffers retail for just $6.99 each and are collected by kids coast-to-coast.  Right now they are expanding, again, with Series 5.  They even have a full guide to collecting Whiffer Sniffers and you can view their list of retired characters.


Perry Backpack


Strawberry Twirl Backpack Clip


Birthday Cake Jake Backpack Clip


Hal O. Ween Backpack Clip


Rudy B. Floats Backpack Clip


Marty McPie Backpack Clip


Ed Nog Backpack Clip


Cheri Cheri Backpack Clip


Mystery Pack 10 and Mystery Pack 11


I love that these are collectible and affordable.  It is affordable enough that my kids can achieve an increase in their collections each week if they so desire.  They are scented collectible plush characters with the addition of personality and charm.  The characters are designed to have an appearance similar to their scent.  They are produced in the US and the kids have a great time.

You can even get Super Sniffers and Whiffer Stickers.

My kids wanted to try these products because they are unique and everyone wants to know what they are and where they got them.  They love to show kids in their class such great fun products.  I couldn’t believe when I opened the box – just how awesome these are! They are larger than I thought they would be and really a great deal/value for $6.99.  My daughter loves Birthday Cake Jake – she clips “him” to her saddle and takes “him” on trail rides and in the area for jumping!  I am not quite sure what the horses think of the scent but I know she sure loves it and she is convinced the horses love it.

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