“How To” Guide For College Scholarships


A long time ago I did go to college.  My father was convinced I was going to be a lifetime student.  In a sense, I have been but not in college the entire time.  Definitely a student of life forever!  But when I was first preparing for college, I sought out scholarships.  Back then there were binders in the guidance office with lists of scholarships and requirements.  If it wasn’t in the book, I didn’t know about it.  The good news is, I knew what was available and just needed to take the time to apply.  The bad news is, it limited what I was aware of and limited my options.

Today – everything is much more abundant.  There are more scholarships and a great deal many more ways to find them and apply for them.  The problem with that is you need to know where to look.  They don’t just show up in a binder in the guidance office anymore.  You need to be proactive and look – spend some time and put some serious effort in. But then it can pay off far better than it did when I was going to college. I did pretty well with scholarships thankfully – but today is entirely different. If you are planning to apply for a scholarship program, then we would suggest you to apply for multiple scholarships as getting a scholarship is all about applying to many programs at once, as you can increase your odds of winning a scholarship this way.

This is a basic resource and not intended to be the only places and ways to find scholarships but it is definite beginning!

Check out college websites

If you know where you are planning to go to school, their website should direct you to some school specific scholarships.  These are not necessarily limited to academic scholarships – they can be for housing and athletics also.

High School Counselors/Advisors

You still can find some scholarship information in the guidance office of your high school.  Do not stop with just these options but also do not discount these options.


This is a huge resource – literally the world at your fingertips. There are some online sites specifically for scholarship applicants such as Yconic which matches scholarships to students.  There are others – search for “scholarship matching” or something similar and the results will keep you busy for a while for sure.  You can even do online assignment writing once you are enrolled.

Social Media

Search for “scholarship” or “#scholarship” and the results will pop up all over the place.

Local Businesses

There are many local businesses that will offer small scholarships for local students to achieve success.  These small scholarships add up very quickly and offer a very personalized award.  Not only is this great for scholarships but a great way to potentially begin a career.


Banks such as Capital Alliance have major scholarship programs to help give back.  The Capital Alliance scholarship program allows for funding to be used for higher education expenses.


So if you are a student heading to college soon or a parent beginning to research scholarship opportunities – keep all your options open and you will reap the rewards to help fund your education.

If you can think of any other scholarship options – feel free to comment and we can make this list even larger!

Good luck!

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  • Cindy B

    A couple years ago a young man in a neighboring town made it his summer job to apply for scholarships. He applied to a minimum of 5 per day. When it was time to choose his school he had over a $1,000,000 (yes, a million) in scholarship offers. Not bad!

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