QuickZip Fixed The Fitted Sheet – No More Tears Making Beds!

Let me start by saying WOW.  Who knew a solution to the fitted sheets woes existed in the form of zippered sheets.

I was given the opportunity to try a set of QuickZip sheets for my son’s bed and we are hooked!  First, he is 17 and autistic.  Besides him not caring for the texture of sheets, we have always struggled trying to get him to keep sheets on his bed.  As soon as they would start to come off (slip off) he would rip them the rest of the way off and sometimes even hide them because “he doesn’t make beds”.

First – the package of the QuickZip sheets arrives in a better box than normal shipments, wrapped nicely in this paper with a logo wrap.  Felt like it was Christmas before we even saw the sheets.  Who doesn’t just love to receive a gift?  Usually you only see this type of personalized service from sellers on Etsy – this company clearly goes above and beyond and values their customers – which I assure you, I am now one of them!

We received the 200 Thread Count QuickZip Basic Twin Starter Pack With Wraparound Base in White which includes 1 Wraparound Base + 1 Cotton Zip-On Sheet.

We also received the Minky Zip-on sheet – this was particularly important for us since the texture of a cotton sheet can be particularly bothersome for our son.  This Minky fabric is so soft and incredible for sleeping comfort especially in the winter.  He is truly in heaven sleeping on his new sheet set.

The wraparound base wasn’t as difficult to put on as I thought it was going to be.  I simply started the zipper closure of the Minky sheet to the wraparound base and zipped up two full sides. Then I slid the twin mattress in and pulled it through the other side to finish zipping.  It was so much more easy than making his bed the traditional way.  Now all I will need to do is zip off the top to wash it and zip it right back on.

When beginning simply match up the tags so you know where the zippers begin and end.  I know that seems odd but the zippers are excellent quality and really blend right into the sheet cover.  Once you know the tags are the “ends” the entire process becomes much easier.

The zipper action is very smooth, not clunky and the zipper ends up being hidden beneath a “lip” of the attached sheet so no skin ever touches the zipper.

QuickZip sheets are quick to change and stay securely on the mattress, providing hassle-free comfort day and night. Twin collection zip-on sheets are available in cotton and our softest – FanFavorite – poly mink and are all interchangeable, fitting both the fitted base and the wraparound base.

Now look who is interested in “making his bed”!  So much for “I don’t make beds!”

Now – can I tell you how much I hate making my daughter’s bed because it is a bunk bed?  SOOOO much!  She has a full size bed on the bottom and a twin size on top – thankfully no one sleeps on top, ever, because it is so hard to make that bed and change those sheets.

QuickZipSheets.com has sheets for beds of all sizes.  Although they started as a company to help moms change crib sheets – they quickly learned that the struggles exist for all bed sizes and now they have every size sheet set possible which means I can even get a set for our king size bed!  Woohoo!  I am totally adding that to my Christmas list – anything to make my life just a little bit easier.

Also available on AMAZON

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