Hunter Pace Event at Ayer Mountain Farm – North Franklin CT

Today (11/5/17), Valley View Riding Stables participated in a Hunter Pace event at Ayer Mountain Farm in North Franklin CT.

Per Wikipedia –

hunter pace is a form of competition involving horses and riders. In a hunter pace a trail is marked for horse and rider to follow. On the day of the competition, early in the morning, the hosts of the event send an experienced horse and rider to ride the trail as fast as it is safely possible to do so. This morning ride is called “the dead body run”, and it establishes two things:

  • 1. that the trail is clear and safe for the competitors
  • 2. The “pace time”

The pace time is the ideal time to safely but quickly ride the set trail. When the competitors arrive they send out teams of three or four to ride the trail. Checkpoints set along the ride ensure that the riders are staying on course and are not overworking their horses. Each group of riders is timed. Riders are penalized for either riding too fast and beating the pace time, or too slow and taking longer than the pace time. The group to come closest to the pace time wins the competition, whether over or under the “pace” time.

Rows and rows of trailers – we brought 8 horses/riders – and me (driver, photographer, all around make it all fun person)…LOL

No idea who this horse is but I took this picture while I was waiting for everyone to finish their runs. He finished his run and was rolling around on the ground having some play time.

A broken down vehicle in the field. I so desperately wanted to get closer to it to take a variety of shots….

The first four (2 groups of 2) crossed the finish line at the same time.  Sadly, I missed the photo opp for the last two Valley View groups.

Wait – which way am I going…

Hey – where are all you guys?

Hanging out with Apple Jack – the big AJ.  He is patient as can be.

She was meant to be in front of the camera…

Sweaty and done

60 degrees on the thermometer but so damp and cold, you’d never know it.

Autumn and Sephora – Third place girls in Juniors Open Jumpers

Amy and Julia – 4th place – I believe in Hilltoppers


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