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Odors Be Gone With FunkAway Odor Neutralizer

This is a sponsored post with FunkAway and BraVoMark. All opinions are mine.

Do you have kids?  Tweens?  Teenagers?  If so, then you are totally familiar with the smells that seem to surround them especially if they are in sports or very active.  For our family we have a tween and a teen but have already raised three other children who are now much older than teens.  We are all too familiar with those odors.  With our youngest two the odors are even more plentiful because we own four horses and spend a huge amount of time at the barn with dozens of horses, cows, goats, turkeys, ponies, dogs, cats and more.  While there we don’t even notice the odors – once we get home though we definitely NOTICE!

FunkAway has the solution to make those ODORS BE GONE!


What is FunkAway?

First, what is Funk? While funk does come from sweat, it’s actually not the perspiration itself that stinks. The odor actually emits from bacteria that feeds on the sweat and then out-gases the nasty odor. Yep, the bacteria farts. Yuck! FunkAway is scientifically designed to eliminate that nasty funk, or bacteria smell.
How does FunkAway do this? It’s formulated with a unique, patented compound called OM Complex™ that attacks the Funk created by hard days ON the field, hard days IN the fields, rink, court or job site. FunkAway attacks the odor on contact by absorbing the odor molecules, encasing them in a bubble. The odor is broken down inside the bubble and the final result is No more Funk.
 They have an odor eliminating spray – travel size, 3.4 ounces…
Normal size – 8 ounces…
The Heavyweight which is 13.5 ounces of their super strength aerospray!
And the laundry booster to completely de-funkify!
These products are especially helpful at this time of year.  In the summer the horses spend most of their time outside enjoying the fresh air and weather.  But the cooler months have arrived in New England and that means more time inside – inside their stalls, riding inside and more.  Those odors build up quickly with a herd of animals and clothes and shoes can really smell.  For us the sprays are particularly helpful with the sneakers – inside and out!  Sometimes I need to stop at the barn before work – it is not fun if I am all smelly when I get to work!  A couple pumps of FunkAway and odors be gone!
For Black Friday through Cyber Monday – Free shipping weekend – 12:01am Thursday (Nov 23) -11:59pm Monday (Nov 27)!

This Holiday Season

Need some awesome stocking stuffer ideas?  For us we would focus on boots – winter boots, barn boots etc… So plenty of warm socks, foot warmers, heated insoles and of course include a 3.4 ounce (travel size) bottle of FunkAway!

From Tuesday 11/28 through Monday 12/25 you get a free Traveler size (3.4 ounce) bottle of FunkAway when you buy $12 work of FunkAway products!  So let’s start thinking about those stocking stuffers!


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