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Use An Elegant Bath Vanity To Transform A Bath

When you don’t have room in your budget to completely renovate your bath, it is amazing what installing a new bath vanity will do for the look and feel of this room of your home. The simple task of changing the cabinetry in the bathroom will make it look as if you have redone the whole room. Simply adding a few different accessories, such as changing the color of the towels of the shower curtains will enhance the effect.

A bath vanity does not have to be an expensive proposition with the many styles of discount vanities available. You do have to look at the size of your bathroom so that you get a vanity that will suit the space you have. For example, adding a large vanity to a small bathroom will make the room look crowded.

The vanities available in MDF are not expensive and require assembly. However, the detailed written and visual instructions that are included will make the assembly quite easy. Even the tools you need to put the various pieces together are included. More than likely you already have them, but if you don’t you are going to want to purchase the best cordless drill which will be of a help to you in even your future DIY projects. All you have to buy extra is the sink and countertop, but there are some models that have this included as well.

The bath vanity is the central focus of a bathroom. This is where you will spend time grooming yourself in the morning before you go to work and when getting dressed to go out at night. You do need to have drawers and shelves where all your grooming aids are close at hand.

You can blend the old with the new by using an antique style that has a wash basin type sink that sits on the countertop. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, but the best rule of thumb to follow is to have a vanity that is of a neutral color. You can add contrast in the faucets and colors of linens that you use.

You do have to make sure that the bath vanity of your choice is sturdy and durable. You will not save any money by buying a vanity that is really cheap only to find that you have to replace it in a few years. A lot of the furniture manufactured today is eco friendly using glues that will not emit any harmful fumes into the air when they come in contact with water.

Even the smallest bathroom can have an elegant bath vanity or even a glass sink. A stone vanity, for example, can measure only two feet wide and will make a bold statement in your bathroom as well as make it look larger than it is. A vanity made of stone with teak cabinetry inserted in the center is also a viable option if you are looking for durable construction that will last for many years to come.

When you shop for a new bath vanity you can do so in many different ways by focusing on any of the following aspects:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Material
  • Price range

Obviously the price will be the bottom line for you, but you will find that there are vanities to suit every taste. Browse the sites of the many online retailers just to get a glimpse of the wide assortments you can choose from. This will give you ideas to work with when you are contemplating making changes to your bathroom.

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