How to Keep Your Stairs Clean

If you live in a multi-story house and your stairs are carpeted or have a stair with a carpet runner, then you are well aware that it does not take long before your staircase carpet gets tired and dirty. Cleaning your staircase carpets should be on your to-do list in your home, not only for aesthetic purposes but for health reasons too. Dirty carpets are known to harbor germs and can be a source of health hazards to your family members as well as your pets.

In the article below, we list some of the steps that you can take to clean your carpeted stairs so that they look and feel nice to bare feet. Also in we’ve outline steps and precautions you should take to protect your carpeted stairs and keep them in a good state for longer.

Declutter your stairs

The first step to having a clean stair is to get rid of any obstacles on the stairs. It is very helpful to research staircase ideas before you get started – so you have a final vision in mind.  Do not allow your family members to leave or drop anything on the stairs. Whether it be toys, newspapers, laundry, or gadgets, your staircase is not the right place for storing such items.

Having a lot of junk in your staircase cannot only result in a dirty carpet, but it also poses safety hazards to those using the staircases. Always insist that everyone take their possession with them when going up or coming down the cases.

Vacuum Regularly

Just like the carpet in the rest of your home, the carpet in your staircase needs regular vacuuming. Vacuuming helps in the removal of dirt, debris, dust, and the small particles of gravel caused by human foot traffic. Vacuuming helps in cleaning the stairs and removing particles that can grind away the carpet causing damage over time.

Unlike your living room carpet, a standard vacuum cleaner is not sufficient enough to clean the stairs. Most of the standard vacuum cleaners are heavy to carry around, and too big for the small steps, making it challenging to vacuum the stairs.

Therefore, you need to invest in a lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner or a sweeper. The cleaner should include a variety of attachments including an extension cord that allows you to carry the cleaner up or down the stairs with you.

When vacuuming your carpet, pay special attention to the creases where steps meet each other. Additionally, do not forget the side panels and railing along with landings between each step and the bottom floor after the last step.

Dust your staircase

Dust can be very damaging to your carpet as it blots out the beauty and cleanliness of your carpet and maybe a source of allergies. When dusting your carpet, pay special attention to the wooden steps, rubber treads, and other types of staircase coverings.

Use a clean cloth to dust your carpet using your hands. Unlike feather dusters, your fingers can get into each step’s crease and corners.


Occasionally, you may want to scrub your steps with your hand using hot water and shampoo. Scrubbing by hand is the best method for spot cleaning and is ideal for oil or coffee stains. If you’re looking for a spotless staircase carpet and save energy bills for your water and energy bills for your carpet cleaning, you can use portable tankless water heaters to provide you with a clean source of heated water. Visit Pet Allergy Vacuum Guide to learn more about the tankless water heaters for your carpet cleaning needs.

A clean and well-maintained staircase carpet looks great and adds a nice accent to any part of your home. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, clean staircases can keep your family safe by preventing the breeding of harmful bacteria and germs that can affect your family. Since most of us use the staircases every day, you should make the cleaning of your staircases a priority

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