Running a Business from Home: DIY Ideas to Boost Your Productivity

Working from home can have its perks, including less time commuting and a quieter environment, but if your workspace is unorganized and uninspiring, it can damage your productivity. If you are reading this article, you may have already experienced a lack of motivation where instead of working, you have become distracted by an untidy room, an unorganized workspace, or bits of unfinished DIY.

Here are some quick, easy and budget friendly DIY ideas to improve your productivity space, boost your productivity and help you work better from home.

Upcycle Storage

Desks, cabinets and shelving can be expensive but there are cheaper storage options. Upcycling is a great DIY solution, which is not only cost effective, but can make a huge impact on a workspace. You could consider reupholstering an old chair, repurposing jars and tins as desk storage, turn a picture frame or mirror into a memo board, or upcycle to create a DIY desk. An organized workspace means everything has its place, helping you to find things quicker and boosting levels of productivity.

Boost Natural Light

Working in an environment with harsh lighting can reduce productivity and lead to poor health, causing eye strain, headaches and fatigue. To combat this, you could position your desk near a window, hang mirrors to reflect light and choose pale curtains or roller blinds that do not block the light. If you must to use artificial light, consider a dimmer switch to reduce negative effects.

Consider Repainting

Colors can have a big impact on mood and behavior, so it is important to carefully consider your color scheme. For example, green has been shown to foster creativity while it may be a good idea to stay away from red, which can cause quick reactions and reduce performance. Alternatively, you could consider blue or pink, both of which can make a room feel calmer.

Change the Scent

Levels of productivity can be affected by all senses, including smell. Changing the scent of a room is simple and cheap, making it an easy solution. Choose lemon to promote rational thinking and concentration, lavender to reduce nerves and stress, or jasmine to boost mood and energy.

Add Plants

Being close to nature can positively impact working habits by increasing productivity, enhancing creativity, reducing stress levels, boosting concentration and improving memory. While spending time outdoors can have the biggest impact, surrounding your workspace with plants can have a similar effect.

Renovate in Parts

When starting DIY, it can be easy to get carried away and plan a big project. However, it is a good idea to only renovate in small areas. Not only will this save money and help you stick to a budget, but it also reduces the chance of an unfinished job, which will leave you feeling unhappy in a half-completed workspace and could give clients a bad first impression.

Shop Online

When doing anything on a budget, it is a good idea to shop online as this allows you to compare prices and find the best deal. If you need your items quickly, use an express delivery service from a company like TNT, as even with a courier charge, it is typically cheaper to shop online – plus you can charge the delivery cost as a business expense.

Use Productivity Apps

Apps can make your life so much easier especially when you are running a business.  Try these productivity apps and save time and energy – freeing up time for you and your family.

As people, our emotions are greatly affected by our environments. When working from home, it is essential that our spaces promote creativity and reduce stress. Try these DIY tips to improve your home and increase productivity on a budget.

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