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Simple Tips For Lowering Your Energy Bills

The prices of gas and electrical services may have come down as of late, but you shouldn’t go wasting your resources just yet. Not only can you reduce your bill even further by being a bit conservative with your energy consumption, you can live a more environmentally conscious life as well. Now, let’s jump right into some essential tips for lowering your bills and achieving a more ideal level of power usage overall:

1 – Seal The Heat In

In most households, at least 20 percent of the warmth generated by appliances ends up escaping through the edges of windows and doors. That percentage can increase dramatically if there are cracks or other issues present. Make sure all of your seals are tight, and invest in high quality curtains that can keep too much air from getting out (or in).

2 – Use An Appliance Timer

One of the most overlooked tools for cutting down on your energy consumption is to set the timer on your appliances. On most modern units, you can set the heating or cooling to turn on only at certain times of the day. Many even have internal thermostats that will switch the unit over to a low power mode when it detects that the room has reached a comfortable level.

3 – Consider Alternatives

It’s always useful to consider your alternatives when it comes to high voltage appliances. For instance, if you have a fireplace you may as well use the fire to heat your home in the winter rather than keep burning electric space heaters. You might also be able to get by with a small fan in bedrooms during the summer rather than central cooling or small box air conditioners. There’s almost always another way!

4 – Your Walls May Need Insulation

Returning to the first tip for a moment, a lot of heat can either escape or enter a home through the walls. If your building has been standing for several decades, it may be time to renew the insulation within your walls. It’s in your best interest to hire professionals to handle the task; otherwise, you could really make a mess of the place.  This will help you save on your energy bills.

5 – Turn Anything You’re Not Using Off

Televisions, computers, phone chargers, and video game consoles are all often left on despite no one actively using them. The same is especially true of lights as well. Once you start turning anything that uses electricity off when not in use, you’ll see a dramatic shift in your power bill. This habit alone could save you a small fortune.

6 – Replace You Old Appliances

It’s also important to vet your appliances for quality. Do you have an old freezer unit in the garage that’s been there for over a decade or more? Are you still using the same old window air conditioner unit? Have you still been too stubborn to make the switch to LED lighting? Using outdated appliances and technology can really be a great detriment to your power bill, especially when it comes to units that are on around the clock. Invest in new models all around and the difference should be night and day.

By following these tips, you should start seeing more reasonable energy bills as soon as the following month. Not only will this be an amazing boon to your wallet or purse, but the entire world as well. Our resources are not unlimited, so it’s important to be always as conservative with our power consumption as we can!


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  • Claudiu

    I don´t know how the prices are in the US but here in Denmark is expensive to have home cleaning services . But I can see that in our region there are very high differences between companies . What is more unbelieveble is that old companies who have been on the market for a very long time are the most expensive , anyway I´m using a little company named Andreea´s Rengøring and I´m very happy .

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