Update Your Bathroom With Italian Silk and Combed Turkish Cotton Towels


When you work hard and play hard – you really learn to cherish the quiet moments.  For me it is a rare opportunity to take a bath – but I love it when I can.  I just hang out in the tub with a good book, some music and NO KIDS…  Either they need to not be home or I tell my 17 year old that it is time for me to go into my sanctuary.  He is autistic and saying that means he won’t let anyone near me for as long as I need.

My bath often includes bath bombs, me singing and no one else bothering me.  To make the entire experience complete, I use my favorite towels – Italian Silk and Combed Turkish Cotton Towels by Salbakos.

These towels are so soft with an intimate blend of 5% Italian silk and 95% fine Turkish combed cotton.  Now I really love soft towels but they also have to be absorbent!  I have long hair and a towel that isn’t absorbent is not very helpful for me.  My towels are white – but they are available in several colors and the colors are VAT dyed where the dye is infused into the yarns under high pressure and a high temperature for 6-12 hours!  Why so long?  This process and timing limits fading so colors remain nice and bright.  Even the white towels (which I have) are dyed white and not bleached white.  The more I use and wash these towels, the more soft they get.  So you know what – no kids get to use MY towels…  These towels are the perfect way to complete my spa like experience in my sanctuary…

All materials must be chemical and pesticide free and that the mill operates at the highest quality standards and is audited regularly through the Oeko-Tex® and ISO 9001 mill process and certification.

Towel Care
Do not use bleach or softener after washing in order to retain the nice bright colors and they should be washed in cold/warm water and tumble dry low

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One thought on “Update Your Bathroom With Italian Silk and Combed Turkish Cotton Towels

  1. Sandy C. says:

    I tially get what you are saying about cherishing the quiet moments! The bathtub is my sanctuary…no is allowed to bother me during a soak. These towels sound fabulous, with silk blended in!

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