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Dish Soap Slime

Who isn’t interested in slime making these days?  I am totally into making everything into slime.  These are easy projects; quick; and kids (and adults) love them!

This particular slime came about because I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets.  I found a small container of expired cornstarch and couldn’t bring myself to throw it out.  But – what could I do with it?  Well, slime of course.

I chose to make a dish soap slime because I have all natural dish soaps and in quite a few scents.  The one I chose to use was tropical scented and it smells great.  The next batch will be apple scented.

The best thing about making slime is you can wing it and make it however you want.  You can see that I did not add color to my slime – well I didn’t have any on hand.  I thought about adding beet juice since I had so many cans of expired beets – but in the end I stayed with basic “white”.  Maybe we will weave in some colors and/or glitter at a later time.

To make this slime I simply put about 1/3 of a cup of dish soap into a bowl.  I actually didn’t measure – simply eyeballed it.  Then I added 2-3 tablespoons of cornstarch to the soap at a time.  After each addition I would mix it all in.  When the mixture got to the point of a crumbly texture I moved on to the last ingredient.

The final ingredient was olive oil – which I also found a small expired bottle of.  I added a teaspoon of oil at a time until the mixture (at this point I am massaging it all together with my hands) became very putty like.  If it becomes too runny – just add a little more cornstarch until you find the balance of ingredients you like.

The best thing about this particular slime recipe is that now my hands feel so soft and smooth.  I take care of my horses and my hands are far from smooth on a normal day.  It is nice to have soft hands for a day.

Time to get started making your own slime!



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