What To Consider When Starting Up A Moving Company

You’re living in a neighborhood where new people are moving in and moving out most of the time. Being a homeowner yourself, you know how exhausting a move can be. You know time and effort are required before, during and after the move. This still doesn’t include the adjustment a family has to make the moment they arrive at the new location. With all of these things considered, you decided to start a moving company. You believe that a moving company which allows you to help a lot of families is a good business. But before you actually market your business as the newest moving company in your area, you have to take care of several things first.

Starting up a business isn’t as easy as it sounds. Starting up a business means dealing with all the legal and professional requirements while being able to give customers what they need.  Some of the initial considerations include will you operate as an S corporation or an LLC?  I have a business (not moving) and operate as a sole proprietorship but will soon be transitioning to an LLC.  This list of requirements can even extend if you want your business to thrive long-term. For you to start your moving company, consider the things below:

  1. A moving training is vital: Regardless of the times you’ve moved from one house to another, nothing still beats professional training. The number of times you moved doesn’t guarantee that what you’re doing is actually right – do you even know how to pack clothes or your valuables? Before anything else, seek moving training from professionals and other influencers in the industry. This is the best avenue for you to know the best practices which can be used in a move. Doing this might entail cost but think of it as an investment – the more training you have, the more reputable your moving company will look in the eyes of the customers.


  1. A sales training can also be useful: With the number of moving companies operating in your area, you have to convince your customers that yours is different. For you to gain more sales, sales training is important. Talking with people and enticing them to do business with you is a craft and skill which needs to be molded. Look for available sales training in your area and immediately sign up.


  1. Take good care of your customers: The competition is fierce among moving companies. Regardless of how you innovative you think your products and services are, a moving company has already offered the same in the past. To level out the playing field, always take good care of your customers. Don’t make them feel that your business is just after their money. Instead, treat them as your friend or family member. Remember that your goal should be creating professional relationships with your customers and not just a one-time purchase.

  1. Always start with a plan: Your business will never survive if you don’t have a plan. This will guide you as to where your business is going and how you can reach those goals. Will your moving company cater to commercial or residential moves? Does it offer to transport items to another location or can customers ask for help with their packing only? Consider all of these things first before taking any action.


  1. Determine how much you’re willing to spend: A business will always require money in order to run. How else can you purchase your supplies or pay for your employees? With your moving company, it’s important that you come up with a budget. Take note of all the possible expenses your startup moving company can have and determine if you’re bank account can meet all of these. Your expenses should include the purchase of a truck, fuel, insurance, licenses and permits, and even legal requirements. If your own money can’t meet with what’s required of the business, consider borrowing money from lending companies or banks. Make sure you scout for at least three options, compare their terms and fees so you’ll be able to work with a lender which is suitable for your financial needs.

Beginnings Are Hardest

Just like anything else in this world, the beginning of a process or transaction is always the hardest. You have to make sure that you’re able to consider all factors as these can help create a strong foundation for what you’re building. The same is also true when you’re starting up a moving company. If you want your company to make it through the industry and customers’ demands, you have to invest at the very start. Dealing with these things might be tough but once you see how your business turned into a successful moving company, you’ll be happy in everything that you’ve put in.

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