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StrongSuit Work Gloves #MechanicGloves

Check out these awesome gloves.  We are always searching for gloves that we can do “stuff” in.  Our stuff includes gardening, working on equipment, working at the barn, and even riding horses.

These gloves are made with second skin technology – they are form fitting TAC-Sense Palm that allows for all the dexterity we need to work as comfortably as we need to while also staying protected.

These are very breathable so our hands don’t get completely sweaty while we are wearing them – we want the protection but not the discomfort.

Of complete importance is the need to be compatible with cell phones.  We all carry them everywhere we go nowadays – it is so annoying to have to keep taking gloves off and on all the time.

The fabric is a stretchable webbing fabric with velcro that keeps the gloves from snagging on everything while we are working or riding – which means the gloves last longer, stay in perfect condition and do what we need them to do.

For us, my son is going to wear these gloves for horseback riding.  Show gloves need to be black with no obvious logos and these are perfect.  They are a little big on my hands but just fine for him!

You can pick up a pair of these for yourself on Amazon!

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