Seeing The World Differently

My kids have a knack for seeing the world differently.  Sometimes I attribute it to their youth, sometimes to their special needs.  But they always seem to see the world differently than the rest of us.

For example – someone this week told me that my kids don’t care about things.  At first I spent a good deal of time perseverating on that comment and wondering where I failed.  I didn’t have to spend too much time.  I know they meant it in a negative manner but their view of the world is not a negative thing at all.  Our children are adopted and when they used to have frequent visits by their biological mom she would never bring them anything for their birthdays, Christmas or anything else.  She would always says she didn’t have money.  I would try to explain to her – it isn’t about money.  You walk in with your $5 coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts and the dollar store is across the street.  You could have picked up two cards and gave them a handwritten note; you could have taken your photo with them and simply printed up a 4×6 with a dollar store frame…

You see the fact that my kids don’t care about things is not a glass half empty situation – it is a glass half full view of the world.  Our 17 year old is essentially emotionally 7.  You could give him a nickel and he would be just as happy as if you’d given him $50.  Our daughter is 13 and just wants to be considered and loved.

This view of the world also carries through to a literal view of the world.  When I handed my daughter a pair of High Resolution Kids Binoculars – I expected her to stand up and look around, all excited to see the world differently and up close.  Instead, she dove to the ground on the deck beside our dog to share the experience with her.  She wasn’t looking at anything in particular – it was about the experience.

These binoculars are comfortable to use and work great with 8×21 resolution.  It even comes with a neck string with a little compass attached.

Additionally, it comes with its own case for easy carrying – whenever they want to see the world differently!

They are lightweight and fold up easily and nicely.  Perfect for boys or girls (and while spending time with their dog).  The images they see are sharp and clear and this makes a great gift.  Available on Amazon!

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