Everlast Notebook by Rocketbook

Do you have any idea how many notebooks I go through in a year?  Between work, personal, blogging etc. It is so many and I spend a fortune on them.  And once I fill them up I feel like I can never get rid of them – which means I then need to store them for what seems like forever.

The Everlast notebook by Rocketbook is the perfect solution.  It looks like a thin notepad and feels like a thin notepad.  But, it is far better!  This is so much more than a notepad.  It is endlessly usable and reusable.  I even have the option to connect to all my favorite cloud services with it.

When you write using any pen from the Pilot Frixion line – which you can get from just about any department store.  Writing with these pens allows the writing to stick to the Everlast pages just like regular paper. BUT if you add a drop of water… the notebook can be erased like magic.

As you can see, the pages have a dot grid pattern so they can be used for any type of writing.

You can see the QR Code in the lower left hand corner.

Writing is easy as can be then I wet the microfiber towel slightly and it swipes right away.  Check out Rocketbook on Amazon.

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