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Free Templates for Your Google Slides and Powerpoint Presentations

When I was a young student we didn’t have things like Powerpoint.  In fact, I think it wasn’t until I started my career in education when I first experienced Powerpoint.  Back then, the possibilities were pretty limited.  We had overhead projectors with transparencies and chalkboards – not even white boards.  I distinctly remember the battles of constantly photo copying onto transparencies and they had to be just right.  If the ink wasn’t too light – not usable.  But now, the possibilities seem virtually endless.  I have not so fond memories of trying to make my Finance class presentation while in school for my M.B.A. and nothing seemed to be working “just right”.  I still got an “A” but oh the stress…

I use Powerpoint presentations in my education career, with my actual education, blogging and more.  The versatility is amazing now.  And my kids even use Powerpoint in school as well as Google Slides.  Sometimes my son will just sit there and tell me he is working on his presentations – just stuff for him to have fun with.  This is completely amazing to me because he is autistic and won’t even write his name.  Yet, he will sit there for hours at a time telling me he is working on his Powerpoint.  His creativity leads him to learning about horses, cars, movies, dogs, museums and so much more.

For me, I use Powerpoint/Google Slides for budget presentations at work.  We use Powerpoint and Google Slides pretty interchangeably.  Open enrollment for healthy insurance, FSA and Voluntary benefits – no problem.  Increase participation by creating an engaging presentation that leads right up to everyone wanting to participate.

But did you know there are templates you can purchase for Powerpoint and Google Slides?  You don’t need to stick with their basic options – you can get so many more robust options.  Not only can you purchase templates but you can even get Powerpoint Templates for free!  These aren’t the old projection presentations.  Now you can incorporate spreadsheets, narratives, photos, worksheets, gifs, and even embed Youtube videos.  We use these all the time in our schools – it is the best way to show “who we are”.  Sure we can show photos and words – but to embed videos at exactly the right points in the presentations makes everything more memorable.

Do you have a sales presentation?  Course creation?  Or even a mini commercial?  It can all be done with Powerpoint and Google Slides and edits are easily and the files can be converted into just about any medium you’d like.  And don’t forget the feature where you can print them with areas that allow your recipients to take notes.  Powerpoint is a paid program – part of the Microsoft Office suite.  But if you don’t have the paid program – Google Slides is a great option through Google Drive.

So next time you need a presentation – make sure you have that perfect template (Powerpoint and Google Slides).  Think outside the preloaded templates and create that eye-catching presentation!

Did you know that you can do so much more with Powerpoint than just presentations?  You can create your own printables – far greater versatility and much more easy than a program like Publisher!



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