28 Items To Make and Sell

We have a local shop that just opened up that allows for craft booths!  This is so exciting for my daughter and I.  We don’t have time to go to craft fairs and set up shop on weekends due to the horses and so many other obligations.  But we can supply a permanent booth in our local craft store!  I can’t wait – we are building our products now.

But in the process of creating our products – I wondered just how many of you are also looking for great ways to make money.  You don’t need a craft store or even a craft booth nowadays – you can sell on Etsy, Ebay, Mercari, Facebook Marketplace and so many other great places.  It is all easy as can be nowadays.  You just need to keep up with the demand for your products.  Easy peasy.

Today I am sharing some awesome “make and sell” ideas from my fellow bloggers.  With these ideas, nothing is stopping you from moving forward with your own business!

  1. Blanket Ladder
  2. Crystal Gemstone Soap
  3. Fabric Ornament
  4. Handmade Breakfast Tray
  5. Essential Oils Rice Pillow
  6. Mason Jar Tissue Holder
  7. Superhero Tooth Fairy Pillow
  8. Christmas Cookie Mason Jar Candles
  9. DIY Succulents
  10. Lemon Poppy Seed Soap
  11. Clay Seed Bombs
  12. Diaper Bouquet
  13. Waldorf Doll
  14. Tea Bouquet Gift
  15. Scrunchies
  16. Orange Flaxseed Soap
  17. Bath Bombs
  18. Grapefruits Bath Salts
  19. Star Wars Soaps
  20. Beginner Soap
  21. Photo Coasters
  22. Mod Podge Rocks (So many options)
  23. DIY Candy (So many options)
  24. No sew blanket
  25. Duct Tape Wreath For Racing Fans
  26. Lavender Bath Bombs
  27. Dragon Egg Bath Bombs
  28. Eyeglass Case

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