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My children have all been swaddled but our youngest definitely needed the secure feeling of being swaddled.  She really just never seemed to relax without it.  Even now that she is 14 she still thrives with a similar feeling by sleeping with her weighted blanket.

And now we are on to grandchildren – 5 so far!  But swaddling has come a long way.  Traditional swaddles can be cumbersome and may quickly unwrap causing safety concerns for parents and caregivers.  But now there is a safer solution with SNUGGLEBEES®!  This is a patent-pending unique swaddle design that offers so many great features.

What does SnuggleBees have to offer?

  •  Dual zippers that open from top and bottom and allow for an easy diaper change.
  •  Arm openings that convert a swaddle into a “sleepsack” once the baby is able to roll over.
  •  Leg openings that allow a sleeping baby to be moved from crib to car seat to a stroller without having to remove the swaddle!  All you need to do is just open the snaps and pull the legs out (it converts a swaddle into a sleepsuit).
  •  Nursing pillow extension: A detachable strap that connects behind the baby’s arms using zip and allows for stress-free nursing time.
  •  Made with 100% GOT certified organic cotton (free of pesticides)

The SNUGGLEBEES® sleep swaddle has a unique design that is so versatile and multifunctional.  It makes for easy nursing access, diaper changes, and a variety of wearing options as it is safe for your little one.

Our favorite feature is the ability to use it as a swaddle with no hands or feet loose but still free enough for her to move around in.  It is also awesome to not need to change her if we need to go somewhere – just two buttons per side can free her hands and feet!

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