Top 3 Repricing Solutions For Price Optimisation

With E-commerce becoming increasingly challenging. You have to be strategic about your pricing to stay competitive and relevant in these saturated marketplaces. Repricing software solutions give sellers the power to control their prices more effectively and efficiently. However, with many repricing tools on the market, figuring out which one to use is tricky. Therefore, here is our list of the top three repricers to consider when choosing a repricing software solution.

1.  Seller Republic

Seller Republic is a price optimization tool for Amazon and eBay.

If you sell the exact same branded’ product as your competitors, price becomes a very important factor. If you cannot offer a competitive price on Amazon, you will not survive. Seller Republic automatically monitors the selling price of your competitors and allows you to set up automated rules that reprices your products. Depending on the strategy or reputation of the seller, you may choose to match the competition’s price, go lower or go higher by a specific amount. For example, you can lower the price by 5% or increase it by 5%, although the exact percentages are yours to decide.

Supported Platforms

  • Amazon. This repricing software solution supports nine international marketplaces – UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, India, and Japan.
  • eBay

Core Features

  • Continuous Repricing: It offers the 24/7 continuous repricing, effectively prices are checked and submitted every few seconds. If any competitor changes the price, it immediately starts processing the price updates.
  • Fully Responsive & Mobile-Friendly: It is accessible from multiple locations simultaneously from PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone.
  • Safe Mode: You can assign pricing strategies to your listings and get them ready before sending them to Amazon. This avoids accidental price changes.
  • Reprice FBA and FBM: It reprices both Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) listings and Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) listings.
  • In Built Win Buy Box Rule: The Buy Box generates 80% of Amazon sales. It comes with an inbuilt Buy Box winning strategy.
  • Fast Set Up: You can set it up and get it ready to go in only 3 minutes. This repricer supports setting Min and Max prices individually, in bulk, by a percentage of cost or current landed price, or by CSV Upload.
  • Intelligent & Advanced Repricing Rules: It can reprice down, match and increase prices against FBA and non-FBA sellers. This repricing software solution also supports unlimited unique strategies and rules.
  • Dashboard Analytics: You can see all relevant information in the dashboard in easy to understand graphs and numbers.
  • Condition Repricing: Reprice new for new as standard or set advanced options to reprice against differing condition types i.e new for used.
  • Max Price Reset: Keeps your margins high by increasing your sales price where possible whilst maintaining Buy Box status.


This repricer comes with 4 pricing plans for Amazon starting at $8.95 for 50 active listings, and 3 pricing plans for eBay starting at $45 for 25 active listings. All their plans also come with a free 14-day trial.

2. Sales & Orders

Sales & Orders previously known as NewDynamx, started its journey in 2014. It offers refined tools and programs to clients to market their products online. One of their offerings is the Competitive Pricing Tool.

This repricing software solution automatically imports prices of top competitors online including major brands such as Walmart, Amazon, and Target. It synchronises the price weekly. You can select the competitors to reprice against by Whitelisting and Blacklisting. Newly found competitors are also shipped in weekly via the Pricing API. You can build your own custom rules to reprice your entire inventory or combine rules with filters for smaller groups of products.

Supported Platforms

Core Features

  • Pricing API: It automatically fetches price from competitors weekly and resyncs your products.
  • 2-Click Repricing: You can queue up price change and ship them out to your store in two clicks.
  • Repricing Rules: You can build custom rules to reprice products.
  • Competitor Analytics: It can give you analytics from your top competitors online, and even pricing from big brands like Walmart or Amazon.
  • Dashboard: You can view competitive pricing analytics with adjustable charts. Detailed breakdowns for product-level pricing analytics and price fluctuations are also available in the Dashboard.
  • Product Widget: A widget on your products pages that displays your price stacked up against your competitors. This gives your shoppers a quick and efficient way to compare and decide.


The price of Sales & Order is based on the number of products. It starts a $20 per month for up to 100 GTINs. They also offer 30-day free trial for 100 GTINs.

3. Smart Price

Smart Price is a competitive intelligence and pricing management tool designed for e-commerce.

It monitors a catalogue, a brand or even specific competitors no matter the sales channel. You can customize this tool for any pricing strategies. This repricing solution allows integration of costs too. It monitors the competition in real time, including sales price, the shipping cost, the name of the competitor, and more. However, it reprices only a set number of times per day depending on the pricing plan you are using. This repricing software solution is integrated in Magento 1 (1.4.x – 1.9.x) and Magento 2 (2.1.x – 2.2.x). It is also available as a free Prestashop (1.6.x – 1.7.x) addon.

Supported Platforms

Core Features

  • Accurate and Secure: It integrates all costs associated with your products to ensure accurate prices. It includes marketplace commissions, Adwords, fixed and variable costs.
  • Fully Customizable: It is adaptable to your pricing strategies per product, brand, category, sales channel or competitor. This repricing software solution also allows for infinite numbers of strategies and customizations, adaptable to any market or type of product.
  • Smart and Fast: You can monitor prices on e-commerce marketplaces and comparison sites such as Google Shopping, Amazon, Cdiscount, Bol, and more. You can also follow and identify your competitors to adjust your listings.


Smart Price subscriptions come at a fixed cost. They have three pricing plans for both Magento and Prestashop.

Their Single Repricing plan allows you to monitor and reprice your products automatically once per day. The Multi Repricing allows you to reprice your products automatically from 4 times to 288 times a day. Moreover, the Live Repricing features continuous repricing and is reserved for Amazon channels.

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    Didn’t know Sales & Orders until I’ve read this article. I’ve got another one for you to review which is a SaaS and can be both used with Shopify & Magento. Check if you need an alternative or addition to your list.

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