Why Does Holiday Depression Happen and How to Deal with It?

While some say that holidays are the best days of the year for some it can be a real struggle. It even gets hard to explain why you feel the way you do. Why can’t you embrace the happiness that seems to be all around you?

If you feel the same way, don’t worry. You are not alone. There are so many people who feel exactly the same. Actually, there are credible reasons behind it as well as solutions and we are here to tell you all about it.

Why do we get depressed during the holidays?

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Reasons behind holiday depression can be endless. It is something very personal and it differs from person to person. But some of the most general factors which lead to this state of minds are the following.

  • Financial pressure

Having to buy gifts for everyone or pay for dinners can really affect someone’s financial situation and put additional pressure.

  • Overeating

All that food can lead you away from your regular diet and not just affect the way you look but the way you feel as well.

  • Bad family relationships

Realizing that our family relations aren’t as ideal as we wish them to be can be really hard.

  • Feeling alone

Those who live and/or work away from their family and friends, the holidays can be tormenting.

  • Feeling overwhelmed

Trying to achieve everything can really get you down. And it`s not only about career goals. Students can feel the same because of the amount of work before holiday breaks.

  • Being obligated to visit people you don’t really like

Spending time with someone who has a negative effect on you can instantly bring you down.

  • Having to answer questions which you don’t want to answer

So, when will you finish college? Are you still unemployed? You still don’t have any children? Did you gain some weight? Yes, we have all been a victim of some of these question and it sucks. It brings you down when someone intentionally or non-intentionally brings out something you just want to burry down.

You probably recognized a few situations which happen in your life as well. No matter which reason is the main trigger there are ways which can help you to turn this around.

Reduce commitments

It is hard to say no to people during the holidays but when it starts affecting your health it is time to put yourself first. If you feel anxious about all the parties and gatherings you have to attend, just limit your outside activities.

Explain to people that you have your reason and that you’ll gladly see them next year. Those who really care for you will understand.

If talking about the number of responsibilities waiting for you before the holidays, don’t hesitate to ask others for help too. Professionals can offer their colleagues to share some tasks and students can turn to professional paper writing services to make sure everything will be done by holidays.

Go to counseling or support groups

Some may have a prejudice about joining support groups or going to counseling but it can be really helpful. You can meet people who feel the same way and help each other to overcome this.

Also, talking to an expert can do more than just give you an insight into why you feel the way you do. He or she can be your support, especially if you don’t have it in your family members.

For more information about talking to a therapist for depression, read more from BetterHelp.


This praised method of evoking your in-the-moment spirit can be your savior. More and more people are openly sharing the benefits of meditation.

Besides eliminating the stress it can also help you to find your getaway during these crazy times. Even if you think that meditation is not your thing, just give it a few tries and see how it goes.

Go for a walk

Whenever you start to feel overwhelmed, find an excuse to get out and take a walk. Exclude yourself from all the chaos and negative energy. Taking a walk is a great way to calm yourself down and get your body moving at the same time.

No matter how bad you don’t want to get out of bed, push your own limits and you’ll see how great it will feel.

Avoid overeating

You may think that this can be easy to say but impossible to do, but that’s not the case. If you really stress to yourself and promise that you mustn’t overeat during the holidays, you need to keep that promise.

Just remind yourself that food is not the solution. And even if everything looks great and smells delicious, think about the way you’ll feel tomorrow. Is the food really worth it? Don’t risk your happiness and self-esteem for a few impulsive moments.


If the holiday season makes you feel lonely, start volunteering. Helping those who are in need can do you both good. It will also help you to realize your blessings and maybe even change some of your views.

Whether you’ll donate your clothes or assist in a soup kitchen it is up to you. There are so many ways to help others but you need to make the first step.

Limit your holiday spending

Holidays shouldn’t be about money, they should be about love, blessings, support, and family. If it brings you down that you have to spend money that you don’t really have, just try to find some alternatives.

Make DIY gifts for your family. They will definitely feel more personal and special. Also, instead of going on expensive dinners with your friends, you can make something at home and invite them over.

Make time for yourself

You should make yourself a priority if you want to get out of depression. No one will be able to help you if you aren’t ready to help yourself.

Give yourself some time and figure what YOU want to do and what will make you feel better. Everyone who loves you needs to show understanding. Don’t focus on other people but for once focus on yourself.

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