Different Ways To Market Your Small Local Business

Here are some creative and cheap ways to market your local business. We’ll use carpet cleaning as an example. These tips worked for Dave who offers carpet cleaning in Battle Creek MI.

You can partner up with a pet shelter to offer the owner a coupon to give out to potential pet owners and give the owner a small cut for every referral they bring. Why pet  shelters you ask? Dogs and cats enjoy walking and laying down on carpets and a pet owner would want to make sure its clean before letting their pets roam around on the ground.

Another way is to target people who rent their houses for airbnb. In order to get good reviews their house needs to be clean and comfortable to live in. This might be better for house cleaning as not all airbnb owners have carpets in their living room.

Creating flyers is a really cheap way to put your company out there. When you create your flyers, be sure to include before and after pictures of your work so it draws attention  and looks appealing. Set up the flyer so that potential clients can rip off your phone number  from the flyer.

Writing with chalk on the ground can be a good idea, but it also depends on your niche. If  your target audience is the upper class, they might see chalk on the ground as childish and might not take it seriously. For most local businesses chalk will work just fine.

Starting out as a new business can be tough as no one knows who you are and you haven’t built your reputation yet. Instead of offering low prices and under cutting your competition, a better  way to do it is to offer 50% coupons to newer customers.

When coming up with ways to market your company, you need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. If you put a poster inside a bar, are your customers the type to go bar hopping? If not, then your effort might be futile.

Another thing to keep in mind is when you approach other business owners for a partnership,  you need to offer value or they will most likely brush you off. Sometimes that might be offering your service for really cheap in the beginning to build a relationship and then charging your  normal price. Creating a good relationship that can turn your customers into repeat buyers is the best outcome as you won’t need to spend time or money marketing to them anymore.

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