Where Is The Best Place To Put Your Security Cameras?

Security cameras are an essential part to any property and to protect your home. They allow you to view what is going on in any part of the property and to record any potential crimes. For security cameras and alarm monitoring to be effective they need to be appropriately placed. So what is the appropriate placement for security cameras?

The proper placement of the vivint doorbell camera varies depending on the camera and what it is supposed to protect. Let’s look at some of the most important factors.

Out Of Reach

All security cameras should be placed out of reach of even a tall person. This helps to significantly prevent tampering with the cameras. It also prevents accidental bumps and movements of the camera.

For maximum protection you should consider putting the camera in places where a person cannot reach it with a stick or another object but that is not always possible, especially in homes.

You may consider installing a fire suppression system too.  Between the cameras and this system you will have optimal support for a major catastrophe.

Where They Aren’t Noticed

One of the best places to put security cameras is where people will not see them and this website can help. If someone is not able to see the camera, they won’t even know to tamper with it in the first place. For business properties, this means putting them in high locations and among the rafters. For residential properties, it means getting a bit creative.

Cover All Entrances

For most applications, the most essential places to cover with security cameras are the entrances to a property. Coverage of entrances allows you to see both who is coming and going. Optimum coverage dictates that you have camera coverage on both the outside of the entrance and the inside.

High Risk/High-Security Areas

Another critical area for camera coverage is high risk and high-security areas. Think safes, valuables storage, high theft items. High-risk areas and high-security areas depend entirely on your property’s requirements and are something that you will have to assess for yourself.

Perimeter Cameras

Covering the perimeter of the property allows you to see who is approaching before they get to your property. These cameras can also be used to ascertain which direction a criminal flees and their getaway vehicle. Having cameras in high locations reduces the number of cameras needed to cover the perimeter and reduces the chance of malicious mischief.

Where The Cameras Offer Optimum Coverage

All cameras should be placed where they offer optimum coverage. That means each camera should be able to see a good amount of space. Corners of rooms and higher locations offer the most coverage. Think about the design of your property and where cameras would be able to see the most area.

In Complimenting Positions

For full coverage setups, you want your security cameras to be in complimenting positions. That means cameras work together to establish full coverage. Preferably with cameras being able to see other cameras to catch tampering and prevent gaps. This is especially important on exterior cameras and cameras that are used to prevent retail theft.

Do Not Place Cameras In Private Areas

It is important to not place cameras in areas that are private such as bedrooms or bathrooms. These cameras can easily be abused. Especially in bedrooms, bathrooms, patient rooms, and similar areas. Not only can cameras in these areas be abused, but they can also get you in legal trouble.

Take these tips and start planning out where you need to place security cameras. According to Precisions Security Australia, one of the best ways to know where to place your security cameras is to have a security audit performed or use professional security camera installers.  With that in mind, using these tips, you should be able to properly establish security camera coverage of your property.

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