Proven Ideas to Promote Contests through Social media

The popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We hope you already using these platforms to promote your business. Which type of promotion you are doing to get more fans for your business? To get super proven ideas to promote your contests through social media and avoid issues with velseoity, read this post.

Let’s look the ideas deeply one by one clearly.

How Facebook fan page helps to promote contests?

From a recent study from vapulsemedia we found that 72% of contest creators choose Facebook platform to run their contests. Facebook is a widely popular network with millions of active users. So finding your niche audience with Facebook is easy for sure.  Schedule your posts easily with better than buffer so you can have room on your editorial calendar for other tasks.

Start a Facebook fan page for your niche. Post quality contents regularly to gain more fans. Create worthy content relevant to your audience and post the content whenever your fans are active online. Building a strong fan page is hard part and once you have a powerful page, you can get numerous benefits from it.

After you join for any contest or poll, you can get unique link for your entry. You can simply share your contest page link using any URL shortener. It helps to track the traffic source. When you have bulk fans on your fan page and you can simply get 1000 plus votes for your contest in short time period for sure.

Smart marketers create a live Facebook video with their fans at the end of contest to collect all the votes rapidly to win contests.

How Facebook community helps to promote contests?

For having a fan page with lots of fans, you have to invest more time for months to year. You can get instant traffic for your contest when you share your link on relevant communities on Facebook and SMM World. How to find relevant communities? Use Facebook search box with your niche keyword and list the results in the excel sheet.

You can see the list of related fan pages and community pages. It’s time to select the active communities to promote your contest. Some communities allow you to post links and comments as a guest. Few communities need you to join the community first to share your post and links.

Twitter business page to promote your contests:

You have to choose right contests to join to get super prizes. When you choose wrong contest to join and your chance of winning prize will decrease. Remember these two things:

  • Your competitors should be normal marketers like you.
  • When a popular marketer join for the contest you already in, and it’s time to choose other contest. Why because, when you fight with big marketer, you have to get thousands of votes. When you have no big traffic of social media, you can’t beat the big marketers.

Twitter pages help greatly to promote your contest. Same as Facebook search, you can use twitter to find relevant pages. Leave your contest link in the replies to the relevant posts. Get as much votes for your contest to win super prizes.

Instagram business page to promote your contests:

In modern times, people love to share their business online using smart pictures on Instagram. It obviously indicates that Instagram has great power to target right audience. Instagram also allows consumers to run online contests.

To get lot of viewers to your business page, you have to post relevant images on your instagram page. Every image is important and it should tell story to the audience to gather their interest.

Search and find popular marketers and influencers on your niche. Connect them smartly with super offers. Tell them to vote for your contest and request them to share your contest on their fan page. When the influencer gives vote for your contest, his fans also provide their votes for sure.


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