Use These 3 Things to Manage Your Business’s Online Reputation

One of the hardest parts of running a business is making a name for yourself. A lot of work goes into attracting new customers and keeping your current ones happy. Because we practically live online these days, it’s no wonder that the internet can make or break your business. That’s why it’s so important to manage your company’s online reputation! To start, try these 3 resources.

Social Media Platforms

More and more people are communicating their questions, concerns, and praise to brands on social media. It’s a fast, easy, and convenient alternative to waiting on hold for customer service. For this reason, having business profiles on all the major social media platforms is essential. While you may want to ignore or even delete negative posts to your pages, don’t do it. Respond politely and professionally to every post, good or bad.

You can also build your reputation by offering social media-exclusive discounts or deals. For example, post a discount code or secret code word to present at checkout that’s just for your social media fans. has so many great ways to increase your followers.  The news will spread and you’ll soon have more followers and, hopefully, more customers!

Review Sites

Many people trust review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp for real assessments of local businesses. Hotels, bars, restaurants, and shops can all suffer if they have too many negative reviews. Because there is no vetting process, though, you may be losing business due to fake or exaggerated reviews. That’s just not fair!

To put the power back into your hands, make a profile on these sites for your business and respond to negative posts. Share your side of the story in your response so potential patrons can see that you are a business worth patronizing. Encourage your best customers to write reviews, offering incentives like discounts or coupons if they post an honest review of your business.

The Dirty Removal/Post Removal Services

Sometimes unhappy patrons, ex-employees, or even people who don’t like you will post nasty things about your business or you online. These posts may be totally fabricated or tell only one side of a story and may spread gossip or embarrassing stories that could ruin your business. However, potential customers may believe the lies, causing you to lose business as a result. That’s where a professional post removal service can help. They can get negative posts and photos removed from scammy sites like as well as from search engine results to protect your reputation and that of your business.

Managing your online reputation is a major part of any business. Use these tools to make the job easier!

3 thoughts on “Use These 3 Things to Manage Your Business’s Online Reputation

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