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Some Tips For Music Students Looking For Gigs

Most of the students have one goal for joining a music school in New York. Most of them want to be professional artists. If you have joined a music school that cares about its students and reputation, it will provide you with the first few opportunities to perform.  Would you like to check out some stellar entertainment?  Check out Sean Kelly! However, you should not rely on your school only. You can try a lot of things on your own. This will give you a good dose of confidence. Having some smaller gigs under your belt can help you in getting concerts and you can perform better at your concerts. So, here are some tips for you:

Don’t Let Nervousness Get In Your Way

Your teacher, professor, family members, and friends, they all have experienced nervousness. It is natural. There is only one solution. Gain experience. See your nervousness as a challenge to conquer. A little nervousness will always be there. However, it will not be a big deal. You will get used to it.

Develop Your Personal Brand

Believe it or not, creating your own brand is easy and doable in the age of the internet. Try to learn how can you create a web presence. You are not famous. You need to learn marketing skills to market your talent. Like other musicians, upload your gigs to SoundCloud. SoundCloud is an easy to navigate repository of gig recordings. It is more than a social network. A lot of people create and/or listen to music.

Think out of box

When you are looking for gigs, try to think out of box. The question is; where and how can you look for gigs? There are rock bands playing cover shows at clubs, bars or parties. It is difficult to find a solo opportunity at a bar in your neighborhood. However, a local club is not the only place where you can make your music known in a big way. Think of some other places such as:

Elementary schools

This not only gives you an opportunity to perform but also to be an inspiration for kids. Learning music is a part of many children’s lives. So, make a call or write emails to local elementary schools. Maybe one or two of them are preparing their students for an orchestra program. They need someone who can come in and explain instruments to students. Maybe you can inspire the next great artist.

University Events

Circle dates on your calendar to stay up to date with the upcoming university events. They want to spice up their events with some sophisticated music. Fundraisers often look for entertainment. Students performing for raising funds can lead to more funds.

Retirement communities

This is not going to be very glamorous but playing at a retirement community is also an option available to you. You can do a good service by playing there and also get some experience. You can also play at a nursing home.

Play for small businesses

You are not going to get a huge audience at a barber shop. However, this is the time when you should not consider the size. You can meet new people. Maybe someone can ask you to perform at a corporate event or wedding.

Perform on the street

Don’t forget considering the legality of this strategy. Even when you are not going to make any money, playing at a street is a great source of publicity. No one knows who might be looking. You can strategically choose a location to target people who are most likely to need musicians.

You can also upload recordings of your performance on the web. YouTube is one such platform. If you are a talented and hard-working student, no one can stop you from becoming a successful musician. However, it all starts with finding a good music school in New York.

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    And it’s a great desire to improve and get better. After all, it’s not a secret for anyone how positively music can influence us, the main thing is to find a musician to your liking. I suggest you listen to music that simply cannot leave indifferent a person who understands a lot about beautiful music

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