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5 Ways To Travel Safely During Pregnancy

Being pregnant can be one of the most blissful, memorable and yet one of the most challenging times of a woman’s life. And if you need to travel during the same period, then it is an uphill task for you. Not because the traveling itself is difficult or unsafe, but rather because of the tons of garbage information out there which forbids you to do so. Don’t let anybody tell you that you cannot travel while you are pregnant. Nothing can be farther away from the truth. In fact, take a step ahead, and choose this as an assignment to inspire other pregnant women to travel.

This article will lay down 5 important tips for you to travel wherever you want and to do that in the safest and the most comfortable way possible. Of course, we expect you to be in a state of normalcy while following these guidelines. Further, we request you to always be on the lookout and arrange for the nearest medical help at the first sign of discomfort. So without further ado, let’s dive deep into the article.

1. Take the aisle seat on a flight

Always go for an aisle seat on the flight as not only it gives you a lot of room to spread your legs comfortably but allows you to get up whenever you need to go for a bathroom break without feeling embarrassed about disturbing the other passengers from time to time. Pregnant women can need bathroom breaks as frequently as after every 15-20 minutes and therefore you need to be able to get up as and when required.

Being pregnant, you need to keep your body a lot more hydrated than normal circumstances and also to avoid the chances of any blood clotting which pregnant women face a high-risk of. Thus having an aisle side seat on the flight goes a long way to help. Ashley from Finance Homework Help says that she still remembers the horror of her plane journey when the only seat left in the flight was a window seat. Thankfully, the gentleman on the aisle side was kind enough to exchange it with her after sensing her discomfort.

2. Choose Your Destination Wisely If You Can

When you are not pregnant, there is a lot you can do without even batting your eyes about the safety issues involved but when pregnant you find yourself behaving differently. Of course, the safety of the child inside you is of paramount importance to you and you do not want to take any risks. The same logic should be applied whenever it is possible for you to choose your destination.

Places that pose any health issue should be strictly avoided so as not to take any chances. Maybe there is a high-risk of malaria or maybe the outbreak of Zika virus hasn’t died down completely and still, one or two cases are cropping up from time to time. All these factors should be thoroughly considered and a lot of research should be done before you say yes to a destination. Being cautious can exponentially increase the chances of the baby not developing any disease in the womb itself.

Monica from Do My Essay had a hard time while traveling in Delhi as the city had been facing a dengue outbreak every monsoon.

3. Choose Places With Easy Medical Access In Case Of A Long Stay

You find yourself visiting the doctor every now and then for those scheduled medical checkups in your city. But what if you need to travel to a completely different location where you don’t know how easy or difficult it would be for you to get hold of a doctor? Yeah, finding out beforehand how easy it will be for you to get regular medical checkups will give you a lot of peace of mind as compared to uncertainty regarding the same.

Further, make sure those medical facilities have a good reputation as going to shady places can not only pose a health risk but a life risk too. Who knows what happens behind those curtains and it is never a bad choice to stick to the popular options in unknown places. It is just like taking a GMAT or any other online course. You try to stick to the best GMAT prep course just to be sure.

4. Traveling In The First And The Third Trimester Depends Upon Your Health

Each woman’s body behaves differently during pregnancy and they go through a variety of bodily and emotional changes. But generally speaking, women find themselves a lot more energetic and lively during the second trimester. So it can be safe to say that the second trimester is the best period in case you need to travel. Women often find themselves puking all around the day and facing a lot of hormonal changes in the first trimester and find it really difficult to carry themselves during the third trimester. Archana from TFTH assignment help service says – “Though first and third trimesters are often the most difficult ones but if we ladies can be strong willed, then nothing is impossible”

But then again whether to travel or not is your choice completely and should be done after a green signal from your doctor once you are done with all the tests which show that both you and the baby are completely healthy and good to go.

5. Wait For A Month After The Baby Is Born Before You Travel Again

Yes, we understand that you are so excited to go on that trip your friends have been planning and also see it as a way to celebrate the birth of your baby. But remember, the baby might not be as strong as you. Especially in the first month, the baby’s immunity is pretty weak and you would want to wait for at least a month before you can travel again. The first month also includes a lot of vaccinations for both you and the baby and is really important from a health point of view. Jonathan, who was working for a college research paper writing service, tells us how he and his wife Dorothy had to give up on his brother’s wedding in Australia just a week after becoming parents.

Do not even think about leaving the baby at home because for at least the first 6 months it needs your breast milk and nothing else at all can substitute that. Therefore, your child will practically be starved of all the necessary nutrients which will hamper its growth in case you choose to leave them behind due to any reason whatsoever. Cancel the trip if you have to. Nothing is more important than your child, right?

These are the top 5 ways in which you can take care of yourself while traveling and still travel safely. A lot of these pointers came from women working at Skillshare. Thanks to you all for taking out your valuable time and making this article a possibility. As a goodwill gesture, we request our readers to read this Skillshare review to know what it is all about. In case you have some more pointers or feel that we might have missed a good point, feel free to reach out to us. Our team would be more than glad to go over your suggestions. Till then, happy parenting!


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