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Understanding The Changing Dog Behaviors

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If you are reading this article, you might be planning to have a dog as your new family member. I know that keeping a pet at your household is not as easy as it seems to be. An individual needs to understand the nature of the dogs. Once you know their changing behavior and the reason behind it, then it would be easy for you to tolerate their behavior and live peacefully with your pet. 

Indeed dogs are the best friends of humans, but still, sometimes, it is very challenging to understand what they are trying to convey. If you want to know what your furry friend is trying to say, then this article is for you. In this article, you will get to know various dog behavior and the reasons behind it. Once you have a clear idea about the changing behavior in your dog, then it would be easy for you to offer them excellent and comfortable services without affecting their mood. 

Now, let’s take a rundown at some of the different behaviors changes noticed in your furry friend.

Why Do Dogs Lick Things? 

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Licking things is the most common habit of dogs. Your dog can sometimes offer slobbery wet kisses on your face. At that moment, you might have the question in your mind that why do dogs have the habit of licking? 

There are various reasons for this action. Your furry friend might be showcasing affection towards you. In some situations, dogs lick things just for seeking attention, but sometimes, it can also be a sign of anxiety or stress. Licking of dogs is such a normal thing, but it has various meanings that are sometimes very difficult to understand. If your dog is continuously licking you, then it’s better to consult a vet and know the condition. 

Sometimes, dogs lick their own feet or skin. In that condition, there are chances that they might have skin problems. Moreover, licking can also point to some neurological disorders. As every dog is different in its way, similarly, the licking habit of dogs has a different saying. So, you should know why your furry friend is licking. 

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

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Another common behavior of a dog that you should understand is their habit of eating grass. You might have observed that dogs commonly eat grass. But have you ever tried to know the reason behind why do dogs eat grass? If yes! Then all your doubts will be over here.

The most common reason that your dog might eat grass is gazing, and instinctive behavior. In some situations, your dog might feel unwell and have a feeling of vomiting. In such a condition, they might eat grass because they feel better. Moreover, your pet might love to eat grass when they have less nutritional value. 

If your furry friend is eating grass regularly, then there is nothing to worry about. But yes, one should consult with the vet whether your dog is allergic to grass and pollen or not. If it is not, then there is nothing to worry about. But if yes, then try to avoid your dog consuming grass. 

Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

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Most of the people have the perception that dogs wag their tags only when they feel euphoric. What do you think? Is it real or not? To some extent, it is true, but not always. It is basically the method of communication between people and dogs. 

Some of the dogs wag their tails when they might have a feeling of excitement or nervousness. So, whenever your dog wags their tails, always have a look at the position of the tail. It will give you an idea about what exactly your furry friend is trying to express. 

Furthermore, in some situations, your dog might wag their tails when there is a new visitor at your place, and your dog gets excited. Thus, it can be said that the body language of your pet can help you understand their changing behavior. 

Why Do Dogs Walk in Circles?

You might have observed that sometimes, dogs behave indifferently. They started walking in circles. Isn’t it strange? Of Course, yes. Have you ever thought about why it happened?

Sometimes, your dog might feel happy while chasing their tail as it’s really fun. But, don’t ignore if your pet performs such activity regularly because there are chances that your dog might have some severe health problems such as ear infections, brain tumors, idiopathic vestibular syndrome, etc. So, don’t ignore if your dog can’t stop walking in circles. Get him for a proper checkup. 

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Why Do Dogs Bark?

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Have you ever thought about why dogs make more noise as compared to other pets? Well, dogs usually bark when they encounter some unusual thing. You might have also noticed that sometimes they bark without any reason. 

In that situation, you should understand that they are making you aware of the presence of some stranger. Moreover, a dog might bark when someone is annoying him without any reason for a long period. In such situations, you should try to identify the leading cause behind the barking of your dog. 

Why Dogs Have Whiskers?

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If you are the one who thinks that dog whiskers have no purpose, then you are wrong, dude! It is an essential part that helps the dogs to navigate the entire world. It also guides your dog in the dark and figures out the size of various objects. 

If you think that dog whiskers are similar to the other hairs then, always remember that it is the most delicate and sensitive area to touch. Any type of movement performed near the dog’s whiskers sends a vital signal to the brain. The most exciting part about dog whiskers is that it is the first hair to develop and keeps your dog safe. Therefore, if you want to understand the body language of your furry friend, then you need to realize the importance of whiskers. 

When Dogs Laugh and Smile?

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It’s sometimes challenging to accept that dogs exhibit the same facial expressions and emotions that we possess. But it’s true. They also feel happy or sad, just like normal human beings. 

Dog’s make a sound that makes us realize that they are laughing. They usually do when they are playing. This area is still under research by most of the science. Dogs create a sound similar to “hhuh hhah” when they are happy. Some people try to make the same sound just to make a stronger bond with their dog. Hence, it is really important to investigate the different noises of your pet.

In a Crux

It would be indispensable to say that dogs also exhibit their feelings to their owners in different forms. It can be through licking, barking, panting, and many more. You just need to be a little conscious of the changing behavior of your furry friend. Once you know how they feel, then it would be easy for you to handle your furry friend in different situations. 

Hopefully, all the above-discussed points will help you in improving your bond with your dog. If you still have more points that will help the dog lovers to understand their emotions, then feel free to share in the comment section below.  

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