4 Steps to Taking Your Business From Local to Global

Although it takes considerable effort to expand your local business globally, there are now more tools and technologies that make going global more convenient, secure and affordable. The customer experience you provide will determine whether your new market accepts or rejects your brand. Or perhaps, in one culture, product returns are highly prominent, while in others, they’re not. While you do open yourself up to more risk when you branch out to serving more markets, you also benefit from a wider audience and more brand awareness such as what you can learn through a chad kimball course. Here are the four major steps to taking your business from the local scene to a global stage.

1. Get Help from a Specialist Consulting Group

When your knowledge of a market is very limited, don’t let that stop you from entering it.

There are consulting firms designed to help companies like yours enter the exact places you’re wanting to enter. To succeed in a new market, work with a consulting firm specializing in businesses entering new markets. It’s so essential that you create authentic marketing strategies to reach your market effectively. Specialists can help you design marketing campaigns that resonate with your target consumers.

2. Optimize for Local Web Traffic

You also want to ensure you’re covered from a technological standpoint, with localized landing pages optimized to bring in local traffic. Use both global and local SEO to bring in your traffic to your business’s website, social media ads and any other online presence used to drive customers or generate sales.

3. Invest in a Cloud-Based Call Service Software

Cloud-based call service software is a hosted contact center provided to businesses in a Software as a Service (SaaS) format. It’s the best option for going international because it’s flexible and easy to scale. There’s no on-premise equipment required on your part, since the call center is third-party operated. It integrates with your CRM so that you can strategically capture customer data from interactions with your customers. When you invest in high-quality cloud-based call center software, you’re able to provide a better customer experience. Because data is captured and integrated with your CRM, there’s insight gained at every touchpoint in the customer experience, and you can make customer service and support measurable and hold reps accountable.

4. Accept International Payment Methods

This may seem obvious, but you don’t want to make the mistake of losing sales due to your payment system being too foreign and out of reach for international buyers. You need to make it easy for them to pay with the methods they’re already set up and accustomed with. Some newer online payment tools are making it easier to accept payments from your international customers, wherever they may be. Software like Chargebee can change the language of the bill, adjust the tax and fee according to local laws, and accept the most common local payment options for your customers. As international e-commerce becomes more of a norm in countries around the world, going global will become increasingly attainable as consumer markets open themselves up to the world.

Going Global in 4 Easy Steps

Going global is becoming easier than ever, which is why companies and even new startups should capitalize on the opportunity of expanding their reach. With cloud technology available today, it’s a no-brainer to go global and enjoy easier-than-ever business expansion. By outsourcing steps in your supply chain to workers in other countries, selling your products on larger, global marketplaces and by employing specialists who can tell you how other businesses have done it successfully, you can start succeeding in going global.



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