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My Old Couch Made “New” Thanks To THe Slipcover Company

We have this sofa… The sofa is in great shape except the arm on the left hand side of the photo.  That arm is where my dog lays and hangs over the edge.  I have purchased couch covers over the years and they never stay on.  Not to mention my dog works very hard at removing them – I swear she spends her entire day while I am at work removing anything I put on that couch.  At one point I even made this giant cover for it – and I made it so heavy hoping she couldn’t move it.  Yet even that is on the floor by the time I get home from work.

But what was I going to do.  Replacing the couch isn’t an option because she will just hang over the arm of a new couch and the same thing will happen.  She doesn’t rip or bit the couch – that is just her “spot” and very evident that it is her spot.

Then I found The Slipcover Company.  This particular slipcover I ordered in the wrong size – for some reason without the sofa in front of me I was sure it was a full couch size.  It’s okay but please know there are multiple sizes available and definitely something to meet any need you have.  I do have some leather couches upstairs that have seen better days – and I know their sizes.  I will definitely be ordering a set for that furniture.  We keep trying to get rid of that set but honestly they are so very heavy and it is four flights of stairs – no one wants to move them.  But covering them will be a great solution!

The cover is so very easy to put on and I have the Ticking Strip pattern in red.  My dog in this photo is not laying on her usual arm – but while we were putting the cover on she couldn’t wait any longer and kept assuming a position on the opposite side of the couch.  Like we weren’t going to notice her.

All we had to do was pull the couch out  – my daughter stood behind the couch and pulled the back part of the cover all the way down.  It is easily a one person job but where we have this couch my daughter had to climb up and over – I definitely wasn’t climbing anything.  Once the back is down there are ties on the left and the right – tie them.  In the front, pull the cover over the arms and start tucking the back and the sides in.  Once you have it in place there are ties on the front below the arms – tie those.  Voila – done in two minutes.

Here she is on her arm of the couch.  We have had the cover on for almost a week now and she hasn’t been able to pull it off.  Every day it is right where it is supposed to be.  If this slipcover can hold up to a giant breed newfoundlands efforts at sabotage – it can hold up to anything!  I highly recommend this slipcover to anyone and everyone.  I will also add that the price is amazing – less than a set of sheets!

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