Wundermax Rubber Door Stopper

We use door stops all the time.  If I don’t, then the kids would be slamming doors and locking us out of places.  They just do.  But now, we have a solution and it is a relatively simple solution – the Wundermax Rubber Door Stoppers!

First they are very affordable and right now you can even get 5% off!  I struggle with my allergies and these are a rubber that do not bother my allergies and they are odorless.

I love that there are holders for each stopper – otherwise when not in use it would be getting in the way all the time and we would be tripping on it when we least suspect it.

I have a set of four and it comes complete with door hangers which help to give my children reminders.

For some of our doors the stopper is slightly too short so the door just sweeps right over the door stopper.  But no worries – these stoppers are perfect.  All we need to do is double them up and voila they are now tall enough.  They grab onto wood, vinyl, carpet, cement, tiles and are non-skid and can hold even the heaviest door.  These are ideal for homes, schools, hotels, offices and more.

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