10 Tips For Parents To Help Your Child Prepare For Exams

Examinations are part of every grade and course. People will react differently to examinations; some will be anxious while others appear even to enjoy the period. However, adequate preparation will determine your performance. Hire Do My Homework Now experts in relieving pressure on your child and also enabling them to perform better.

Exam preparation requires the combined efforts of parents and their children. The participation of a parent and other members of the family gives the child confidence alongside creating the perfect environment for the kid to perform well. These tips have been proven to work in assisting students in preparing for all exams and boosting their performance in the process.

  1. Knowledge Of The Exam Timetable

Request the child to provide the examination timetable as soon as it is released. Knowledge of the timetable helps you to identify days that would be overwhelming and those that would allow your kid to relax. The time table should form a larger part of participation in the education life of your child. There are so many great degree options your child can work towards. An engineering diploma in Singapore are equivalent to full-time program and cover the same material. In reality, both part-time and full-time diploma programs are identical in structure and design.

Review the timetable with the child and highlight days or topics that need more attention. If a day is squeezed with multiple exams or difficult papers, assist the kid in preparing early. Such adequate preparation in revision boosts the confidence of your kid that he or she can tackle any paper.

  1. Provide Short Term Rewards

Encourage the child to study and revise by rewarding the efforts made. Monitor the performance during tests and mock examinations. Appreciate when he or she performs well and helps to find solutions where the performance is unsatisfactory. It is encouraging when small efforts are appreciated. The positive feeling that results from such encouragement motivate the child to work harder.

  1. Hire An Exam Revision Assistant

Hire a coach who will assist the child during revision. A revision coach is a senior or teacher who understands the subjects the child will be tackling. The assistant will intervene to help the child whenever he or she is stuck. Examination coaches also analyze the exams to provide tips on how to take the exam with ease.

The best coaches are those on call so that the kid does not waste time on a tough question or subject, leading to frustrations. The tips on tackling the examination that these coaches offer should be reasonable. Hire a professional who will assist your child to perform better.

  1. Preempt the Examination

Take the child through the entire process of examination. Preempting makes the kid feel as though it is an ordinary activity. Since you have been through examinations, you can help him or her to get a rough idea of what to expect. Talk about the time it takes to complete the paper, the number of questions to expect, the sitting arrangement, what to do in different scenarios, and such other aspects that shape an examination environment. As long as the examination ceases to appear strange, it will turn out to be easy.

  1. Sit Through Mock Tests

Help your child to sit through mock exams. You might consider past papers or exercises provided in your books. Imitate an exam environment to create familiarity and eliminate stress.  Sometimes they won’t know the answers to some questions and they need do resort to a random selection with a wheel spinner.

  1. Deal With Anxiety

Find ways of dealing with the stress and anxiety that comes with exam preparation. Some of the tips include taking a break, change of revision subject, moving to a different environment, using different learning materials, and exercise, among others. The methods of dealing with exam stress will be unique to each student.

  1. Make Exams A Family Event

An examination should be turned into a family event. Plan your days and engagements while considering the need for the child to prepare. For instance, avoid trips around when the child is supposed to sit for an exam. Give the child sufficient time to revise and relief him or her of home duties. In case he or she needs assistance, the family should be prompt to help. You create a comfortable environment for revision and preparation.

  1. Monitor Sleep And Rest

A student preparing for an exam must rest sufficiently. Rest helps your child to avoid fatigue. Such a student will also cover more areas during revision. Rest and sleep are also good for stimulating memory.

  1. Help Them To Avoid Distraction

Switch off all televisions, music, games, and conversations around the study area. Everyone in the house should know that a member of the family is preparing for an exam. Distractions will only reduce focus and interfere with proper preparation.

  1. Be Available

A child preparing for an exam requires all the support possible. Be available whenever the child needs help. Provide food, facilitate relaxation, and intervene in case a topic or exercise proves difficult.

The support of a parent during an exam will determine the level of performance. Provide maximum support, but do not overdo it. Each child deserves support based on his or her level of need.


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