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I often discuss finance on The Stuff of Success.  Just like you, it often feels like every extra dime I get comes at a time when there is some sort of crisis to take it all away.  I work a full time job as an urban public school business administrator and I blog.  In addition to both of those there are several other ways I make money on the side.

Years ago I was very secure in my position (a different position) then it seems like the next day – I wasn’t so much.  I never lost a job but my position relies on public school budgets and those are always tight.  I learned about 20 years ago to make sure I always have something (or multiple things) on the side to fall back on.  While working full time they would serve to just give me a little extra income but keep them going and in a time of need – they may help to replace a full time income even if temporarily.

There are many ways to make extra money and have Finance Solutions.  I am sure you could research posts like 60 Side Hustles to get some great ideas.  Today I will share how I make extra money – because I’d like to prove to you that you can and it works.  Some you can make money with pretty quickly, while others can take years to build up into a profitable enterprise.


Blogger – This is how I make most of my “work from home” money.  I have been blogging for 9 years though and it takes a while to make enough money to live on.  And honestly I could live on the money except I keep rescuing horses.  Horses are incredibly expensive but when I look in their eyes – I can’t bear the thought of any ending up on the slaughter route.  I can’t save them all – but I can save one at a time.  This is also one where many people don’t succeed.  You really need to love writing and whatever your niche is.  Most people don’t stick with it through a full year since it is so much work up front.  If you stick it out and have a good mentor you can make a profit in a timely manner.  I didn’t have a mentor – back then I pretty much had to wing it and hope for the best.  I made so many mistakes early on but who knew.  And the world of blogging changes frequently so you need to be flexible and be able to adjust to the changes and quickly.

Social Media Influencer – This is very similar to blogging and often the two are intertwined.  However, so many people make money by being just an Instagrammer or just a YouTuber so I am listing this separately.  So, no – you don’t need to have a blog but you do need to have a following.  Focus on what you are good at – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok and more.

Freelancer – Since I love to write this is pretty lucrative also.  Sometimes I do step away from it for awhile because it can be very stressful to write about a wide range of topics.  You can however, focus on a set of topics and build a freelance business from there.

Gambling – Did you know you could even make money online with gambling?  Yes it is a possibility and click for info on 22bet affiliates.

In Person

Driver – So many options exist if you have a car and are willing to drive.  Uber and Lyft have been out there for a long time.  I have never “moved people” – it just wasn’t something I was ever comfortable doing.  I do however, know many people that make decent money as a driver of people.  For me – I “move things”… I currently work whenever I get some spare time with Door Dash and Instacart.  There are many other options but those are the only two at the moment in my area.  Below is a list of those that I know of – perhaps others exist in your area.

  • Instacart
  • Doordash
  • Dumpling – MyGig
  • Uber Eats 
  • Amazon Flex 
  • Shipt
  • GoPuff 
  • GrubHub 
  • Open Table 
  • Eat24 
  • PostMates

It is important to keep in mind that you need to let your insurance know if you are using your car as an independent contractor so it could increase your rates a bit.  With those that I deal with, they tend to have bonus dollar amount offers during peak times/days.  They want their customers to actually be able to get their needs met.


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