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Easy Knitting Loom Hat

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I have been crocheting my entire life but have always wanted to knit.  Several times I was shown how but I just never really enjoyed knitting – wish I did.  Crocheting is very relaxing – I didn’t feel like knitting was.

But… Then I found the knitting loom!  My life has changed.  I can whip up a hat in two hours, a scarf in four etc… Actually I can do a hat in an hour and a half but this particular design is a two hour design.

First you need yarn – I always use chunky yarn but if you choose not to use chunky you will likely want to use two strands at a time.  Make sure the yarn you choose has a little stretch to it.  My favorite choices are Wool-Ease Thick and Quick and Caron Chunky Cakes Yarn.  There are others that I also use but these are my favorite.  Yarns that DO NOT work well are the soft blanket yarns – they just don’t stretch.

This is the pattern I use – the video is extremely easy to follow so I am referring you here.


Everyone says they would never be able to do this but seriously all you need to do is wrap yarn around a peg – over and over.

This design has a fatter brim to keep your ears nice and warm.  That brim area is 20 rows.  Then the rest of the hat is the same design for another 18-20 rows.

After you end the hat you can choose to leave it as is (without a pom pom) or you can choose to add a pom pom.  I have plenty of hats with each design.  If you decide on a pom pom your next decision is to make it yourself (as in this photo) or you can purchase fur pom poms and use those.  In this hat my daughter wanted a “floppy” homemade pom pom so that is what she got.

This is how you make a pom pom without a pom pom maker.  For a nice full pom pom use more yarn and for a floppy design – use less yarn and a bigger square.

There you have it.  An easy way to make a knitting loom hat.

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