Best Baby Bath Tub For Your Little Munchkin- Choose Wisely

Bathing the baby in a big, adult-sized tub can be nerve-wracking, slippery and challenging. But with the best baby bathtubs, the experience can be a pleasurable one. Fortunately, you have a lot of options to choose from these days- foldable tubs, inflatable tubs, baby spas, bucket tubs and tubs with sling inserts. Some are even made in a way that it can go in the adult bathtub, while others are for a sink or bathroom.

Choosing a tub for your baby isn’t easy. You need to use some tips to find that perfect product for your infant. Most tubs are small, light in weight, portable and easy to carry so that you can take them anywhere. Some others are designed to get inside a sink or adult bathtub. Irrespective of where you use the bathtub, the most crucial thing to remember is to be with your baby at all times and keep an eye on the little darling. Can’t reach out to the baby wash? Forgot the clothes or towel in the room? Just take your baby with you. Never leave the baby alone in the tub or the bathroom. And don’t even pick the tub with the baby inside.

Types of baby tubs available

Basic Infant Tubs

Most tubs have sloped interior so that your baby can easily lay back. Some are even lined with foam that helps to prevent accidental slipping and allows the baby to relax in the upright position.

Convertible Bath Tub

This type of bathtub is indeed the best if you need some product that will grow with the kid. It is not just suitable for the newborns but even for toddlers and infants. The best part about these types of tubs is that they can be converted to a larger tub as the infant grows. A lot of families consider buying this type of tub, mainly with multiple children at home. You can easily use this tub for ages 0 to 3 years.

Fold Up Tub

As you can understand from the name itself, this type of tub can collapse into a smaller size. You will have to empty the water before it can shrink to a fraction of the original size. You can easily store it in your cupboard or cabinet.

Inflatable Tub 

Inflatable tubs are highly popular, and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about storage. Rather, it will just take a very small place in the cabinet. The product comes flat, and you need to fill it with air whenever you want your baby to take a bath.

Tubs with Mesh Sling

A lot of tubs come with nylon mesh support sling for the newborns. On most of these products, the sling can be easily removed as you no longer need it.

A baby bathtub offers an appropriate place for the child to splash around, get clean and play. Just remember that you use a small amount of water and stay with the baby at all times. When the bath time is over, empty the tub. The baby may drown in as less as one-inch water too. So make sure you follow the utmost safety when bathing the baby.

A few things to consider in a baby tub:

Temperature indicator

Some bathtubs have a drain plug or the temperature indicator that changes colour if the water is too hot. Others have digital readouts too. You can even buy a separate temperature indicator. These indicators are highly useful, and it is best to double-check the temperature. You can do that by testing the water with the forearm before you use it on the baby. It should feel warm, not hot.

Non-skid Surface

Some tubs have non-skid surfaces too to keep the tub from getting slid in the regular bathtub.

Proper Size

You should always avoid getting the bathtub that is too big for your baby, as this may give them the space to slide around. This further increases the risk of injury or even drowning. However, you cannot buy a tub that is too small too. This will cause problems while cleaning the baby properly.


Another tip to keep in mind is to fill the tub with as little water as possible, and two inches is enough. Place your bathtub on a levelled, flat surface that won’t slip and can help you hold the child easily. Also, do not add extra water while the baby is in the tub. Never put the baby tub in a large tub filled with water as it can float around. So, if you are using the infant tub inside the bathtub, ensure that the drain is open.

With a lot of options available, you can definitely get the best baby bathtub with Firstcry Coupons and buy the tub at an attractive price.

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