Brand Building: 5 Ways to Gain Attention in the Community

Building your brand isn’t just a professional goal; it is often necessary for your business’s survival and economic well-being. With a bit of planning and investing your time, here are five ways to build your brand and gain attention in the community.

Take advantage of peer groups

Trying to grow your business all on your own will inevitably set you up for failure. It is best to seek guidance from peers or industry professionals who have experience and have walked the walk before you.

Adam Mendler of The Veloz Group says: “More leaders should take advantage of peer groups. In addition to the benefits of building a better network, peer groups provide a great forum for business leaders to learn valuable information. I have participated in several groups since starting my own business and have benefited by learning from the wisdom, experiences, and insights of others in the respective groups.”

Get to know your customers

One sure way to expand your business is by establishing positive client relationships.

“Talk to your customers in person when possible and seek direct feedback on a personal level. While sending out a simple, un-personalized email survey may work to some degree, there is much more that can be learned from personalized, one-on-one conversations that allow you to read body language and hear your customer’s tone of voice,” explains Joseph LaForte of Par Funding.

Get involved in the community

Building brand awareness in your local community is a great way to attract new business. Consider a sponsorship or participating in a community event to raise your business profile.  Participate in charitable efforts to get your name out there, such as charitable efforts in Africa.

Chicago financial executive Thomas Kane of Merrill Lynch Private Wealth, involved with several charitable organizations around the city and abroad, explains that the average client today is highly tuned into issues that affect the world.

“Supporting a charity or cause that relates to your values will not only make an impression on your customers, but it will also make an impact on your community,” says Thomas Kane.

Offer free seminars

If you are an expert in your field and want to gain the attention of potential customers or have people spread your name via word-of-mouth, sign up to talk at an industry event or hold a free seminar in the community.  Not only can this be a way to build relationships, but it also lets people know that they can rely on you for your knowledge and expertise.

Hire the right team

Without people, there is no building. If you want to grow your business, hiring a group of employees or team members who can back you up is an investment — your employees need to be brand ambassadors for your business.  After all, people are needed to transform your idea into something much bigger. Taking your vision and running with it takes on a new meaning when others get involved.

Although cultivating a business takes time, developing a growth plan and implementing those strategies will help you to successfully transform your business into all you want it to be.

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